Arbitration Clauses Prevent Class Action Lawsuits and Hurt Consumers

Companies Use Arbitration Clauses to Prevent Class Action Lawsuits, Hurting Consumers Class action lawsuits are large, consolidated cases involving plaintiffs who have been hurt by irresponsible business practices or defective products created by a large company. However, a recent survey showed that too many large companies use arbitration clauses … [Read more...]

Arbitration Clauses Hurt Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Elderly Patients and Families Suffer Injustice Due to Arbitration Clauses for Nursing Home Abuse Cases Nursing home abuse is becoming a more visible issue as the baby boomers age and families find that they do not have the skills to care for their aging loved ones, forcing them to admit aging family members into nursing homes. No one wants to put … [Read more...]

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