Chinese Drywall Lawyers Fear Defendants Will Ignore Lawsuits

Victims of Chinese Drywall, which is suspected of causing corrosion and possible health risks including upper respiratory problems and head aches in homes where it was installed, face another hurdle in their lawsuit. As reported on Yahoo news, lawyers representing homeowners and homebuilders who used the defective drywall expect that many of the … [Read more...]

Top ten concerns with Chinese Drywall in the South East and Beyond

Chinese Drywall has been located in 33 states. Charleston was the third largest port in the United States to receive what is now believed to be defective Chinese Drywall, bringing in almost 18.7 million pounds of defective Chinese drywall. Chinese Drywall can be found in any type of home whether a “cookie cutter” or “tract housing” type of … [Read more...]

CDC Investigation Confirms Chinese Drywall Harms Health

CDC Investigation Confirms that Chinese Drywall Is Harmful For decades, defective Chinese drywall has sickened people in 33 states, including South Carolina and many other southern states. Now, an investigation from the Centers for Disease Control confirms what residents already know – Chinese drywall has serious side effects. In a report … [Read more...]

Chinese Drywall Update: Tenenbaum Searches for Answers and Judge Fallon Orders Testing

Tenenbaum, who took over the Consumer Product Safety Commission in June, pledged to lawmakers from Louisiana and Florida earlier this week that the agency will vigorously pursue its Chinese Drywall Investigation, which homeowners say is corroding metal pipes and making them ill. Tenenbaum confirmed that an internal commission task force: made an … [Read more...]

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