Junior Seau estate facing personal injury trial

Before NFL player Junior Seau's suicide,  he was sued by a man named Murray “Moose” Lea in a personal injury claim.  Lea, a homeless surfboard-maker, sued Seau for causing him injuries in a 2010 car accident that Seau had.  Despite the death of the accused, the man is going forward with his suit demanding $256,000 from the player’s estate. The … [Read more...]

5 ways to prevent student athlete concussions

Parents today have more to worry about today than ever before, and, on top of everything else, parents of student athletes have to worry about concussions and how to prevent them.  Whether your son is playing football or lacrosse, or your daughter is playing soccer or field hockey, the good news is that there are things you can do to fight their … [Read more...]

Can Concussion Lead to High School Suicide?

Austin Trenum was only 17 when he took his own life after having suffered a concussion only a few days earlier.  The Washingtonian did a piece about him this week, suggesting that concussions can cause suicide, even in high school students. He was a football player for the Brentsville varsity team in Nokesville, Virginia and a huge fan of football … [Read more...]

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