Teens with Traumatic Brain Injury More Likely to Abuse Drugs

New Study Finds Drug and Alcohol Abuse Higher Among Teens with Traumatic Brain Injury Researchers in Canada found that teenagers with a history of concussions, or traumatic brain injury, are more likely than their peers to abuse drugs and alcohol. "Overall, a teen with a history of TBI is at least twice as likely as a classmate who hasn't … [Read more...]

Concussions Have the Same Effect Regardless of Location

Research Finds Concussions Have The Same Symptoms Regardless of Where Hit Happened New research from the Colorado School of Public Health shows that concussion injuries have the same effects, regardless of where the impact occurs on the head. “We were actually a little bit surprised. Based on some of our prior research, we expected to see some … [Read more...]

Traumatic Brain Injury Increases Suicide Risk in Teens

Teenagers with Traumatic Brain Injury at Higher Risk of Suicide, Risky Behaviors Recent studies on teenagers with traumatic brain injuries such as concussions have shown that children’s cognitive function is impaired. Now, a study shows that mood disorders, risky behaviors, and an increased risk of suicide can be associated with traumatic brain … [Read more...]

Study Shows Better Helmets Can Prevent Concussions

New Study Reveals that Better Helmets Can Prevent Concussions in Football Players A new study at Virginia Tech shows that better football helmet design can help prevent concussions in football players. Researchers embedded sensors in two different types of helmets, and discovered that one helmet was far more effective than the other at preventing … [Read more...]

National Hockey League (NHL) Faces Concussion Lawsuits

Former Players File Personal Injury Lawsuits Against the NHL Another major sports league faces numerous personal injury lawsuits regarding concussions and traumatic brain injuries from former players. This time, the National Hockey League, or NHL, faces as class action lawsuit from former players who claim that the league should have done more to … [Read more...]

Cheerleading bans the “double down” because of concussions

In an attempt to battle the high rates of concussions in cheerleading, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) has just approved a new rule that will ban all high school cheerleaders from performing the "double down" starting this school year.  College cheerleading will still allow the move, but girls will have to wait … [Read more...]

Helmets: Will they save your child from concussions?

Car accidents are the number one cause of concussions in young people, but sports are a close second; half of those sports-related concussions happen in football.  Cars, of course, are regulated by the government and insurance agencies, no such rules apply to football equipment. With no hard and fast rules, and dozens of positions an athlete … [Read more...]

Guardian Cap: Technology to prevent high school football concussions

Several high schools in the country are testing new gear to help protect their football players from concussions.  New helmet covers, worn strictly in practice, are being used to see if they reduce traumatic brain injury on the field. Guardian Cap is a third of a pound, flexible helmet cover that absorbs about a third of the impact of a hit to the … [Read more...]

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