Four Men Rob South Carolina Bank – Three Receive Criminal Charges, One Dead

Criminal Charges, Including Kidnapping and Armed Robbery, for Four South Carolina Men On Friday morning, four armed men ran into a Wells Fargo bank in Columbia, SC. One of the men had a lengthy criminal history, but the other four had just a few misdemeanors on their records. One of the men was killed on the scene, and the other three were … [Read more...]

Woman Charged with Battery for Throwing Cupcakes at Husband

South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys The Chicago Tribune is reporting that over the weekend, 56-year-old Arturo Montesdeoca of Chicago got into a fight with his 60-year-old wife Dawn.  They started yelling at each other, then the domestic dispute escalated and became physical. Dawn grabbed a box of cupcakes and viciously started throwing … [Read more...]

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