Next DePuy All-Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuit Scheduled

Federal Judge Schedules DePuy ASR All-Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuit After 2-week DelayThe first federal-level trial against Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy ASR all-metal hip replacement device has finally been scheduled, after a two week delay.US District Judge David Katz scheduled the case to begin on Monday, September 23rd. The DePuy personal … [Read more...]

Judge Rules DePuy ASR Bellwether Case Can Exclude Recall Evidence

As First DePuy ASR Bellwether Case Goes to Trial, Judge Rules Manufacturer Can Exclude Recall EvidenceA federal judge ruled in July that Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy can exclude evidence related to their all-metal hip replacement device recall in the first bellwether trial against theDePuy ASR hip replacement device.The orthopedics … [Read more...]

Jury Awards $8.3 Million to First Plaintiff in DePuy All-Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuit

First Plaintiff in Series of Personal Injury Lawsuits Against DePuy All-Metal Hip Replacements Receives $8.3 MillionThe first bellwether trial against Johnson & Johnson and their subsidiary DePuy Orthopedics reached a verdict – and the jury ruled for $8.3 Million in the plaintiff’s favor.Loren Kransky is a Vietnam War veteran and former … [Read more...]

Johnson & Johnson Under Federal Investigation for DePuy’s Metal-on-Metal Hip Device Marketing

US Justice Department Is Investigating Medical Manufacturer for DePuy’s Marketing PracticesJohnson & Johnson reported on Friday, February 22nd, that they and their subsidiary DePuy will be investigated for marketing practices related to several faulty medical devices, including the DePuy metal-on-metal hip devices.In 2010, DePuy/J&J … [Read more...]

DePuy Hip Implant Personal Injury Lawsuit Sees First Round of Testimonies

Testimony in DePuy Hip Implant Personal Injury Lawsuit Indicates All-Metal Hips are DangerousThe first bellwether case in the DePuy hip implant MDL against the ASR model is going forward. The plaintiff is Loren Kransky, a Vietnam veteran who received one of DePuy’s ASR model hip implants in 2005. Since then, he has suffered several common but … [Read more...]

New Documents in DePuy ASR Lawsuit Reveal J&J Knew About Device Failure Rates

Court Documents for First DePuy ASR Lawsuit Reveal Manufacturer Intentionally Released Defective DeviceLoren Kransky’s DePuy ASR personal injury lawsuit has gone to trial, and court documents released on Friday, January 25th reveal that Johnson & Johnson knew about the all-metal hip replacements’ design flaws and high failure rates, but chose … [Read more...]

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