Antitrust Class Action Against Silicon Valley Tech Giants Might Reach Settlement

Major Antitrust Class Action Against Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe Reaches Settlement In 2010, the United States Department of Justice revealed that four major players in Silicon Valley – Apple Inc, Google, Intel, and Adobe – all had secret deals not to hire each other’s engineers, or “prevent poaching,” which the employees viewed as employment … [Read more...]

Bank of America Fined for Decades of Employment Discrimination

Bank of America Found Guilty of Employment Discrimination for Years, Fined $2.2 Million The US Department of Labor has ordered Bank of America to pay $2.2 million for employment discrimination, after the agency found the bank had discriminated against 1,100 African-American job seekers at the company’s offices in North Carolina between 1993 and … [Read more...]

Tuesday Morning Corp Names New CEO in Wake of Kathleen Mason

Brady Churches, former executive of several companies including Big Lots Inc, has been named CEO of Tuesday Morning Corp, will be taking Kathleen Mason’s place. In August, the former CEO Kathleen Mason filed a lawsuit alleging that the board of Tuesday Morning Corp fired her because she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her treatment was … [Read more...]

Tuesday Morning Corp 4th Quarter Losses Greater Because of Kathleen Mason

Tuesday Morning Corp reported that its net losses from fourth quarter widened from last year, and the retail chain is pointing the finger at Kathleen Mason. In June 2012, Tuesday Morning Corp fired Mason reportedly for “extraordinary destruction of shareholder value.” However, earlier this month, Mason filed a lawsuit against her former … [Read more...]

Former Wells Fargo Employee Alleges He Was Fired for Daughter’s Cancer

Florida resident Yovany Gonzalez is suing his former employers, Wells Fargo, claiming they laid him off because his daughter’s cancer treatments were too expensive. Gonzalez’s daughter Mackenzie was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. After two years of medical treatment, Gonzalez was fired three days before Mackenzie went into surgery. The hospital … [Read more...]

$1.25B Black Farmers Settlement Coming to an End

Washington, D.C. Decades of court proceedings over racial prejudice at the U.S. Department of Agriculture are coming to an end as a federal judge prepares to make a decision whether to grant final approval to a $1.25 billion settlement for thousands of black farmers. At a hearing on September 1, 2011, U.S. District Court Judge Paul Friedman said, … [Read more...]

Verizon settles Discrimination Suit for $20 Million

The Baltimore Sun reported that Verizon Wireless Communications has agreed to pay $20 Million to settle a discrimination lawsuit that claimed the company did not accommodate hundreds of workers whose absences were caused by their disabilities. The claim was filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and settled last month in a … [Read more...]

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