Texting and Driving Ban Affects Commercial Truck and Bus Drivers

As a society, technology is our way of life. We can text, tweet, talk, and even update our Facebook status, right from our mobile phone. Millions of Americans use technology and social media for instant communication. When this addiction is mixed with driving, it is dangerous and can have deadly consequences. In response to the dangers of texting … [Read more...]

The Feds Offer Friendship On Facebook

Have you recently received a Facebook friend request from someone that you do not know? Do you know everyone who is following you on Twitter?  You may want to think twice about your social networking activity and how it may be used to implicate you in criminal activity. We have all seen the Dateline specials where unsuspecting sexual predators … [Read more...]

Juror Dismissed After Contacting Defense Attorney on Facebook

One juror in a Texas murder trial is in hot water after making contact with a defense attorney via Facebook. Murder in a Mobile Home The juror was to decide the fate of George Garza. Garza is facing charges of capital murder for allegedly beating Susan Rousseau to death with a baseball bat inside her mobile home in 2005. One person is already … [Read more...]

Should You Add Social Media Accounts To Your Will or Trust?

Facebook Legacy Pages Begin to Answer Questions about Social Media Accounts in Wills or Trusts When most people think of a will, they think of inheritance of property, money, stock options, or even debt. However, should a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media user consider putting their account in their living will or … [Read more...]

Woman Can Serve Divorce Papers Through Facebook

Court Says Woman Can Serve Husband Divorce Papers Through Facebook A New York court has granted a woman the ability to serve her divorce papers “through alternate means,” which in her case means Facebook. Ellanora Arthur Baidoo, a Brooklyn nurse, has reportedly been trying to divorce her husband for several years. However, she and her attorney … [Read more...]

Woman Violates DUI Probation, Brags on Facebook

Michigan Woman Violates Terms of DUI Probation but Caught after Bragging on Facebook A Michigan woman has been arrested after violating the terms of her probation for a 2012 DUI after bragging about drinking on St. Patrick’s Day on Facebook. Colleen Cudney, 22, was arrested on her first DUI charges in 2012. She was convicted, but sentenced to … [Read more...]

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