How Big is Too Big to Play Pee Wee Football?

The Pee Wee Football Association of Mesquite, Texas is banning one young boy for being too big. 6’1”, 297 lbs. Elijah Earnheart is not your typical seventh grader. In fact, he towers over many of your typical seventh graders. At 6 feet 1 inch and 297 pounds, Elijah is much bigger than his peers are.  Elijah dreams of playing football; however, … [Read more...]

Fighting concussions in soccer

Concussions are everywhere in sports.  Athletes at all levels in every sport are at risk for concussions, and that is no less true of soccer (what the rest of the world calls "football") than it is for the NFL. Thousands of athletes have suffered concussions, and thousands of them will go on to struggle with simple activities during the rest of … [Read more...]

Former CCU Quarterback Arrested on DUI Charges

Former Coastal Carolina University Quarterback Faces DUI Charges On Sunday, November 23rd, former Coastal Carolina University quarterback Tyler Thigpen was arrested with DUI Charges. Thigpen had just been inducted into the CCU’s Hall of Fame for his athletic prowess. Unfortunately, he also chose to drive under the influence, and was caught and … [Read more...]

Former Cal Football Player Files Medical Malpractice Suit

Former Golden Bear Football Player Files Medical Malpractice Suit for Traumatic Brain Injury Misdiagnosis A former player for the California Golden Bears has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the University of California for medical malpractice leading to his traumatic brain injury and suffering. Bernard Hicks played safety position … [Read more...]

Miami Hurricanes QB Arrested on DUI Charges

QB Arrested on DUI Charges from the Miami Hurricanes, Fake ID Miami Hurricanes, Kevin Olsen, backup QB arrested on DUI charges Monday, September 15th, for using a fake ID. According to records from the Miami-Dade County Jail, the 19-year-old rising football star was arrested on DUI charges just after 4 AM on Monday. He was held on $6,000 bail. He … [Read more...]

Allendale-Fairfax High School Team Faces Hazing Charges

Allendale-Fairfax Football Coaches Face Hazing Charges A player for the Allendale-Fairfax High School Football Team has filed hazing charges against his football coaches. Rising senior and transfer student Shakur Chisolm claims he was injured during a hazing ritual orchestrated by the coaching staff. During a trip with the whole team, Chisolm, … [Read more...]

Are You Ready for Some Football? Tailgate Safety Tips

Tailgate Safety Tips for Football Season As we count down the days to the upcoming Carolina - Georgia game this Saturday, tailgating is surely on your mind. With temperatures still creeping into the 90s, we offer you ten tips for tailgate safety: Make sure that any perishable items are kept on ice; make sure that foods that are served cold … [Read more...]

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