Beware of Spiders?

Spiders on a plane? Seems eerily reminiscent of the movie “Snakes on Plane”; however, this plot is not fictional. A Georgia woman recently settled a personal injury lawsuit with Delta Airlines after suffering a bite from a brown recluse spider. The Bite Brandi DeLaO, 38, awoke to a pinching sensation in her thigh while on a Delta flight to … [Read more...]

GA Man Poses as Doctor to Treat Patients at SC Nursing Homes

A Georgia man faces charges of impersonating a doctor and treating over 500 senior citizen patients in South Carolina nursing homes. Ernest Osei Addo, 48, is currently awaiting extradition back to South Carolina from Cobb County Detention Center in Georgia. Addo allegedly unlawfully practiced medicine at five senior-care facilities here in … [Read more...]

Ex-Cop Leaves Prison After Being Convicted of Boating Accident

An ex-Cobb County, Georgia police sergeant convicted of the drowning death of his best friend after a boating accident, will be released this week from prison after serving 18 months of his sentence according to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles. Kenneth Paul Reda, 40, of Acworth, was convicted of lying to law enforcement officers, … [Read more...]

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