IRS Tax Relief Provided For All

Obtaining tax relief on your own is an uphill battle since you are facing an expert on the matter, the Internal Revenue Service. The government agency would take legal action to make you pay for your taxes, either through garnishment, liens and levies. As the process runs its course, so with it does your tax debt with the compounded penalties and … [Read more...]

Pastor Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges in Ponzi Scheme

Pastor Pleaded Guilty to Federal Charges Accusing Him of Scamming $2.5 Million A former pastor from Conway, SC pleaded guilty on Wednesday, January 9th to federal charges that accused him of organizing a ponzi scheme, ultimately defrauding people of $2.5 million. Archie Larue Evans, 42 years old, is the former pastor of the Tilly Swamp Baptist … [Read more...]

Tax Snitching Brings Agents and Possible Cash

The April 15th deadline to file your 2009 Tax Returns is fast approaching. Finding tax credits and tax deducations can make filing your tax return a little less painful, but what about snitching on tax cheaters? According to MSN money, tax snitching is a non-conventional way to score a little money from the tax man. The IRS whistle blowing … [Read more...]

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