Can Medical Marijuana Users Fly Across State Lines With Marijuana?

As More States Make Recreational Marijuana Legal, Flying Between States with the Drug Gets Tricky Washington State and Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana in 2012. During the midterm election in 2014, Alaska and Oregon became the next two states to legalize the recreational use of the drug for people over 21 years old. And another … [Read more...]

SC Senate Advances Medical Marijuana Bill

Senate Panel in South Carolina Advances Updated Medical Marijuana Bill In June last year, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a very limited medical marijuana bill into law. Although the bill did not offer provisions for growing or processing marijuana as a medical treatment in South Carolina, it was the first small step toward legalizing … [Read more...]

The Business Behind the Medical Marijuana Business

Medical marijuana may be legal in 17 states, but is illegal according to the federal government forcing medical marijuana businesses to shutdown. Medical Marijuana Laws Seventeen states including California, Colorado and New Mexico have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Each of the seventeen states has specific requirements and … [Read more...]

Highless Marijuana: Does It Fall Under Drug Crimes Law?

South Carolina Drug Crimes Lawyer You heard it correctly, Israeli researchers are currently growing the plant in a top secret location. The hope is that for this new marijuana is to ease patient’s ailments without getting them high. The company, Tikun Olam, is developing the cannabis. The cannabis consists of more than 60 chemical compounds. The … [Read more...]

From Wall Street to Medical Marijuana: One Man’s Story

Can you imagine leaving a Wall Street job to enter into the medical marijuana business? Sounds crazy, but that is just what one man did. According to the Huffington Post, Derek Peterson left his job as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley after learning a friend was making $18 million a year in the marijuana dispensary business. Peterson … [Read more...]

Medical Marijuana Patients in Arizona Still Face DUI

Patients with Medical Marijuana Cards in Arizona Can Still Face DUI Charges Eighteen states, including Arizona, have passed legislation allowing residents to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, Arizona still has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to intoxication and DUI law, and people with even a trace amount of marijuana in their … [Read more...]

Mother Charged After Son Defends Medical Marijuana in Classroom

Medical Marijuana Advocate Charged After Son Defends Drug in Classroom Presentation On March 24th, medical marijuana advocate Shona Banda, who lives in Kansas, had her son taken away by Child Protective Services, and her home raided, after her son defended medical marijuana during a classroom presentation. Police and educators were conducting a … [Read more...]

Poll Shows Medical Marijuana Legislation for Kids Not Popular

Americans Okay with Medical Marijuana Legislation for Adults, But Not For Children Although South Carolina and Georgia have both recently passed limited medical marijuana legislation specifically to allow children with debilitating chronic illnesses to use medical marijuana oil, a recent poll shows that this type of medical marijuana legislation … [Read more...]

Smoking Legal Marijuana, Termination and A SC Board Investigation

Smoking Legal Marijuana, Drug Testing, and Your Professional License Several states across the country are legalizing marijuana – currently, 21 states and the District of Columbia offer legalized marijuana in some form. Only two states, Washington State and Colorado, offer recreational use of marijuana, although use is very restricted to certain … [Read more...]

Recreational Marijuana Legal in Alaska

Recreational Marijuana Ballot Goes Into Effect in Alaska During the midterm elections in November 2014, 53% of Alaskan voters said yes to legalizing recreational marijuana in the state. As of February 24th, 2015, the ballot measure is in effect and adults aged 21 and older can consume and grow the drug legally. “Most adults use marijuana for the … [Read more...]

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