JonBenet Ramsey Scene Mishandled, Insufficient Evidence for Trial

Former Police Chief Admits Insufficient Evidence for JonBenet Ramsey Trial, Mishandled Crime Scene On a Reddit Ask-Me-Anything (AMA), the former police chief of Boulder, Colorado admitted that the investigation of the JonBenet Ramsey murder scene was mishandled, which could in part be why there was insufficient evidence to go to trial. The … [Read more...]

“American Sniper” Killer Convicted on Murder Charges

Convicted on Murder Charges, “American Sniper” Killer Will Spend Life in Prison The man who killed “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, a 38-year-old former Navy SEAL, and his friend, Chad Littlefield, 35, has been sentenced to life in prison, convicted on murder charges related to a “rifle range rampage.” Eddie Ray Routh, a 27-year-old former Marine, … [Read more...]

Jodi Arias Will Not Address Jury Regarding Murder Charges

After Being Convicted on Murder Charges, Jodi Arias Declines to Address Jury Directly on Sentencing In May 2013, Jodi Arias was convicted on murder charges in the 2008 murder of her boyfriend Travis Alexander. Although the jury returned a clear guilty verdict after a much longer murder trial than anticipated, they were deadlocked on what her … [Read more...]

1944 South Carolina Teenage Murder Convict Exonerated

South Carolina Teenager Exonerated of Murder Charges After 70 Years South Carolina exonerated a black teenager who was convicted of murdering two white girls in 1944 on Tuesday, December 16th. George Stinney Jr was charged with murder at the young age of 14, convicted and sentenced to death. He stood convicted for 7o years of murdering two young … [Read more...]

Preventing Tragedy in the Summer Heat

Georgia Father Faces Murder Charges After Son Dies in the Summer Heat in a Hot Car On Thursday, June 19th, a Georgia father was charged with murder and denied bond after he left his son in the summer heat in a hot car and the child died. Justin Ross Harris, 34, a resident of Marietta, went to work around 9 AM with his 22-mont-old son in the … [Read more...]

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