NCAA Settles College Concussion Injury Lawsuit

NCAA Settles Lawsuit Over College Football Players’ Concussion Injuries On Tuesday, July 29th, the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) agreed to a preliminary settlement in a class action filed by college football players who suffered a serious concussion injury. The lawsuit aimed to bring wide-spread changes to how the football … [Read more...]

Ex-Player Sues NCAA for Traumatic Brain Injury

Former College Football Player Sues NCAA for Failing to Warn of Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion Danger A former college football player for the California University of Pennsylvania is suing the NCAA for traumatic brain injury that has landed him in a wheelchair with serious neurological problems. Matthew Onyshko, 32, was a firefighter … [Read more...]

Class Action Lawsuit Accuses NCAA of Using College Athletes’ Likenesses Without Permission

A class of former college starts is suing the NCAA and EA Sports for allegedly using the players’ likenesses in video games without permission, and for duping the players into signing away merchandizing rights. A 2009 class action suit brought forth by former player Edward O’Bannon claimed that the National Collegiate Athletic Association forced … [Read more...]

NCAA Files Motion to Dismiss Compensation Antitrust Lawsuits

NCAA Files Motion to Dismiss Plaintiffs from Compensation Antitrust Lawsuits The NCAA announced on Thursday, September 4th, that the college football league had filed a motion in a district court in Northern California to dismiss two antitrust lawsuits that were filed in March. One of the antitrust lawsuits includes four former college football … [Read more...]

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