NFL Motions to Dismiss Concussion Lawsuits

On Thursday, in a federal court in Philadelphia, the NFL filed a motion to dismiss 140 consolidated concussion lawsuits, representing more than 3,300 former players. The NFL wants the suits dismissed "on the basis that the claims are preempted by federal labor law," league spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement earlier this week. "The … [Read more...]

NFL and US Army Team Up for Concussion Care

Soldiers and football players have more in common than we think, and Commissioner Roger Goodell and General Raymond T. Odierno agree. The football commissioner and the Army Chief of Staff announced their cooperative initiative at the U.S. Military Academy on Thursday, August 30th. Both football players and soldiers face stressful situations that … [Read more...]

Latest Concussion Litigation Comes from Soccer, Not Football

Brian Namoff, a former Major League Soccer Player, has filed a $12 million lawsuit against his former coach, Tom Soehn. On Sept. 9th, 2009, the former DC United defender collided with another player mid-game and suffered classic symptoms of a concussion. Despite dizziness and blurred vision, he finished the 90 minute game. That match ended up … [Read more...]

ImPACT concussion testing: Does it work?

With all the worried parents, it's no surprise that concussions have become big business in the world of football.  With nearly 2000 players in the NFL, 65,000 in college,  over a million in high school, and 250,000 in Pop Warner, there's a large group of athletes and families looking to find ways of saving their brains from injury and concussions, … [Read more...]

NFL Concussion Statistics

The Concussion Blog The Concussion Blog is run by an athletic trainer in Illinois who keeps track of the number of head injuries players in the NFL sustain over the course of the year. The NFL doesn't provide these statistics, he has to go through many sources to try to collate them into one place.  This is for the Regular Season in … [Read more...]

Concussion lawsuits: Not against the NFLPA… yet

Despite the high number of former pro-football players, over 3,000 at this point in 125 lawsuits, who have joined the lawsuit against the NFL for their alleged negligence in protecting players from concussions, the teams and the NFLPA have avoided being named as defendants. Who are the defendants? The NFL will file a responsive pleading before … [Read more...]

Will the NFL Concussion Lawsuits Change Sports Forever?

It seems that every week there is new concussion litigation against the NFL by former players.  Over 100 have been filed in American courts, with the number of players involved nearly at 3,000.  And that number could top 12,000 before it's all said and done. Other Lawsuits Experts surmise that if the NFL concussion lawsuits are successful for the … [Read more...]

NFL Concussion Lawsuit: What the NFL knew, when

Some three thousand former pro-football players are now involved in concussion lawsuits against the NFL.  The crux of their argument is that the league did not protect the players from risks that the NFL knew they were facing with head injuries. What the NFL knew, when The argument against the NFL focuses on the fact that the players allege that … [Read more...]

Concussions Age the Brain

Concussions, and even milder head injuries, might speed up the pace at which your brain naturally ages.  Injuries to the head cause signaling pathways in the brain to break down more quickly than they would if the injury had never been sustained. Concussion Research from U.Michigan The University of Michigan School of Kinesiology and Health … [Read more...]

Mouthguards could be used to measure NFL concussions

As the rate of concussions and long-term damage of brain injuries has become better known thanks to lawsuits against the NFL, schools have taken a more proactive stance in trying to understand these injuries.  At Stanford University, the football team, field hockey team, and lacrosse team are all testing a new, high-tech mouthpiece that measures … [Read more...]

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