Strom Law Firm Now Taking Clients for NFL Concussion Lawsuit

NFL Concussion Settlement Registration The Strom Law Firm is now taking clients for the NFL Concussion Settlement. If you believe you may be eligible for benefits under this settlement, contact the Strom Law Firm right away at (803) 252-4800 or visit www.stromlaw.com.   The NFL Players' Concussion Injury Litigation class action … [Read more...]

New Movie ‘Concussion’ Brings Awareness to TBI

'Concussion' Sheds Light on the Seriousness of TBI The new film Concussion (watch the trailer below) undoubtedly has players, loved ones, and those who simply love the game, thinking about the possible long-term health risks associated with football. Some may even question whether the game is worth the risk. Contrary to popular belief, football … [Read more...]

March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month

Understand Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month and Your Rights During March The Brain Injury Association of America notes that March is Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Month. Too many people suffer traumatic brain injuries in the US, often due to another’s negligence or reckless endangerment. The BIA’s TBI theme for 2015 to 2017 is “Not … [Read more...]

NFL Player’s DUI Charges Dismissed Due to Video Evidence

Lack of Video Evidence Leads Judge to Dismiss DUI Charges Against NFL Player On Thursday, January 8th, a judge dismissed the DUI charges filed against Tyler Thigpen, a former Coastal Carolina University quarterback and current NFL football player. Just before Thanksgiving, Thigpen was found asleep in a Wendy’s fast food drive-thru. The Myrtle … [Read more...]

Brian Bosworth Files Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit Against NFL

Former Seattle Seahawks Star Brian Bosworth Claims NFL Days Led to Traumatic Brain Injury Brian Bosworth, aka “The Boz,” who played for the Seattle Seahawks in the 1980’s, has filed a personal injury lawsuit against helmet manufacturer Riddell as well as the National Football League, because the two groups lied about the dangers of concussions and … [Read more...]

80 Percent of Deceased NFL Players Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury

Study Finds 76 Out of 79 Deceased Former NFL Football Players Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury The National Football League recently agreed to a large settlement with several former league players who suffered traumatic brain injury, untreated, during their time playing professional football. Many of those players now suffer chronic traumatic … [Read more...]

Federal Judge Approves NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement

NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement Approved by Federal Judge In January of this year, US District Judge Anita B. Brody rejected the proposed NFL’s concussion lawsuit settlement – which was an offer of $765 million – citing that she did not believe the league was offering enough to help retired players who suffered the side effects of concussions … [Read more...]

NFL Concussion Litigation: Retired NFL Players Object to New Settlement

NFL Concussion Litigation Objection Filed- Retired NFL Players Object to Proposed Settlement On Wednesday, July 2nd, a group of seven former NFL football players filed a formal objection in the NFL concussion litigation regarding the proposed concussion lawsuit settlement, in which the NFL allegedly uncapped settlement amounts for players who … [Read more...]

Marcus Wiley Joins NFL Prescription Drug Abuse Lawsuit

Former Defense Marcus Wiley Joins Lawsuit Against NFL Prescription Drug Abuse Former NFL defensive player Marcus Wiley, now an ESPN personality, has joined the NFL prescription drug abuse lawsuit, against the NFL, alleging that the league recklessly prescribed prescription drugs and painkillers to players in order to keep them in the game, … [Read more...]

Dan Marino Withdraws From NFL Concussion Lawsuit

Former Dolphins Quarterback Withdraws Name from NFL Concussion Litigation The former quarterback for the Miami Dolphins, Dan Marino, stated on Thursday, June 5th, that he would withdraw his name from the list of those filing lawsuits against the NFL for concussions and other medical issues related to lax regulations during their tenure as football … [Read more...]

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