Federal Judge Rejects NFL Concussion Settlement Offer

Judge Rejects NFL Settlement in Concussion Lawsuits, Concerned It Is Not Enough for All Players In August last year, the NFL offered a preliminary settlement amount of $765 million for retired football players suffering from a specific type of brain condition related to repeated concussions sustained while they played professional … [Read more...]

NFL Settles Traumatic Brain Injury Cases for $800 Million

NFL Agrees to Pay Almost $800 Million for Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis and Compensation On Thursday, August 29th, the National Football League (NFL) agreed to spend close to $800 million to  diagnose and compensate thousands of retired players who developed dementia or other problems due to traumatic brain injury incurred during their time as … [Read more...]

NFL Helmet Manufacturer Found Liable in Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit

Riddell, Official NFL Helmet Manufacturer, Guilty in High Schooler’s Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuit A high schooler who suffered traumatic brain injury because of a helmet manufacturer’s inadequate warnings about concussion danger has been awarded $3.1 million in a personal injury lawsuit. Although the decision involves a high school football … [Read more...]

Atlanta Falcon Arrested for DUI Hours After MNF Game

One football player broke a record and got a criminal record the same night after a DUI arrest. According to the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Atlanta Falcon’s running back, Michael Turner, is facing DUI charges hours after leading his team to a win over Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos during a Monday Night Football game. A DUI Task … [Read more...]

Junior Seau estate facing personal injury trial

Before NFL player Junior Seau's suicide,  he was sued by a man named Murray “Moose” Lea in a personal injury claim.  Lea, a homeless surfboard-maker, sued Seau for causing him injuries in a 2010 car accident that Seau had.  Despite the death of the accused, the man is going forward with his suit demanding $256,000 from the player’s estate. The … [Read more...]

NFL Motions to Dismiss Concussion Lawsuits

On Thursday, in a federal court in Philadelphia, the NFL filed a motion to dismiss 140 consolidated concussion lawsuits, representing more than 3,300 former players. The NFL wants the suits dismissed "on the basis that the claims are preempted by federal labor law," league spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement earlier this week. "The … [Read more...]

NFL and US Army Team Up for Concussion Care

Soldiers and football players have more in common than we think, and Commissioner Roger Goodell and General Raymond T. Odierno agree. The football commissioner and the Army Chief of Staff announced their cooperative initiative at the U.S. Military Academy on Thursday, August 30th. Both football players and soldiers face stressful situations that … [Read more...]

North Dakota High School Football looks at concussion dangers

Concussions and football seem to be on everyone's mind as the school year kicks into gear. Thanks to the NFL concussion lawsuits, football players and coaches at all levels of the sport are looking at ways to help protect players from the risks of head injuries.  From youth Pop Warner, to middle and high school, to college, football is the subject … [Read more...]

NFL Concussion Statistics

The Concussion Blog The Concussion Blog is run by an athletic trainer in Illinois who keeps track of the number of head injuries players in the NFL sustain over the course of the year. The NFL doesn't provide these statistics, he has to go through many sources to try to collate them into one place.  This is for the Regular Season in … [Read more...]

Jeff Herrod and the Dangers of NFL Concussions

Jeff Herrod is one of the more than 3,000 former NFL players suing the league for failing to have proper procedures around diagnosing, treating, and educating about concussions. Herrod led the Colts defense in tackling for seven seasons before he retired, but at the age of 46 he's found that those years of heavy-hitting have done a great deal of … [Read more...]

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