CA Attorney General Releases Recommendations for Medical Identity Theft Prevention

California’s Attorney General Releases Report with Recommendations to Prevent Medical Identity Theft In a report released on October 17th, California Attorney General Kamala Harris (D) made recommendations to prevent, detect, and reduce medical identity theft. The report was titled “Medical Identity Theft: Recommendations for the Age of Electronic … [Read more...]

Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Case Under Investigation

Woman Hospitalized After Gruesome Injuries, Nursing Home Abuse Case Under Investigation Metro Atlanta police are investigating a nursing home abuse case for potential nursing home abuse charges after a 77-year-old female resident was hospitalized with gruesome injuries. The victim was rushed to the emergency room on Tuesday, April 14th, with a … [Read more...]

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits Increasing

Nursing Home Abuse Cases Increase in the US When an elderly loved one becomes too frail to care for themselves any longer, the hardest choice the family must make is whether or not to put the relative in a nursing home. The next decision is deciding which nursing home to trust. And with cases of nursing home abuse increasing while reporting … [Read more...]

Major Long-Term Care Chain Faces Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

New Mexico AG Files Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Against Major Skilled Nursing Chain A national nursing home chain now faces a nursing home abuse lawsuit from The New Mexico Office of the Attorney General filed in the first week of April, claiming that staffing problems in particular made decent care at homes run and managed by Preferred Care … [Read more...]

Home Health Agency Sued for Elder Abuse Due to Infected Bed Sores

Louisiana Home Health Agency Faces Elder Abuse Lawsuit for Leaving Gauze in Bed Sores A home health agency in Louisiana is being sued for elder abuse by a patient whose bed sores were treated with gauze.  While the use of gauze may have been appropriate, the gauze was left in the wound causing such serious damage and infection that the bed sores … [Read more...]

Snapchat Photos Lead to Elder Abuse Charges

Massachusetts Nursing Aides Charged with Elder Abuse for Snapchat Photos Two Massachusetts nursing home employees face elder abuse charges after posting videos of an incident of abuse on Snapchat. The mobile app, which allows users to share photos and videos with their friends for a very short period of time, retained the images on its servers, … [Read more...]

Arbitration Clauses Hurt Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Elderly Patients and Families Suffer Injustice Due to Arbitration Clauses for Nursing Home Abuse Cases Nursing home abuse is becoming a more visible issue as the baby boomers age and families find that they do not have the skills to care for their aging loved ones, forcing them to admit aging family members into nursing homes. No one wants to put … [Read more...]

South Carolina Reconsiders Cameras to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse

South Carolina Lawmakers Consider Bill to Allow Cameras in Facilities to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse A handful of states have passed bills allowing concerned family members to place hidden cameras, sometimes called “grannycams,” in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities to keep an eye out for nursing home abuse. However, controversy … [Read more...]

Sexual Nursing Home Abuse in WA State Went Unreported

Dementia Patients Allowed to Molest, Abuse Other Patients in Bizarre Sexual Nursing Home Abuse Case A nursing home in Cashmere, Washington faces allegations of serious sexual nursing home abuse after investigators discovered that the long-term care facility stood by and allowed some dementia patients to sexually abuse other patients. "She can't … [Read more...]

US Joins Whistleblower Case Alleging Medicare Fraud at Large Nursing Home Chain

Whistleblower Case Against Nursing Home Chain for Medicare Fraud Will Go To Court The US Department of Justice announced on Tuesday, April 21st, that it would join a whistleblower case filed against a large nursing home chain, HCR Manorcare, which alleges the company committed Medicare fraud. The whistleblower case alleges that HCR Manorcare’s … [Read more...]

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