Amgen Pays $71 Million for Promoting Off-Label Drug Uses

Pharmaceutical Giant Amgen Pays States to Settle Illegal Promotion of Off-Label Uses for Drugs Biotech and pharmaceutical company Amgen has agreed to pay 48 states a settlement amount of $71 million after a group of attorneys general claimed the company intentionally promoted off-label uses for two of its major drugs. Amgen had been accused of … [Read more...]

Pfizer Settles Kidney Transplant Drug Lawsuit for $35 Million

Pfizer Settles Off-Label Kidney Transplant Drug Lawsuit with 41 States for $35 Million A total of 41 states have settled a lawsuit against Pfizer and its subsidiary Wyeth Pharmaceuticals for off-label promotion and use of a kidney transplant drug for $35 million. The personal injury lawsuit alleged that Wyeth trained its sales staff to promote … [Read more...]

FDA to Review “Free Speech” for Off-Label Drug Marketing

Off-Label Drug Marketing Argues “Free Speech,” FDA to Review Drug Safety Guidelines Off-label drug marketing has created huge controversies with major pharmaceutical manufacturers, leading to pharmaceutical lawsuits against drugs like migraine drug Topamax, or antipsychotic Risperdal. Doctors and patients who prescribed or used drugs for off-label … [Read more...]

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