OxyElite Pro Manufacturer Issues Drug Recall Due to Hepatitis A Cases

Manufacturer of OxyElite Pro Supplement Finally Issues Drug Recall Due to Hepatitis A Contamination The manufacturer of diet supplement OxyElite Pro has finally issued a drug recall due to a growing number of Hepatitis A infections related to consumption of the drug. So far, at least one person has died, and 56 became ill, after ingesting … [Read more...]

Doctors Find Harmful Chemical in OxyElite Pro Hepatitis Cases

Doctors Link Synthetic Chemical, Genetics to Hepatitis Caused by OxyElite Pro Doctors at the Queens Medical Center’s Liver Center in Honolulu believe that they have isolated a synthetic substance in OxyElite Pro that could be causing hepatitis in several patients. So far, 56 people across the US, including 44 patients in Hawaii, have … [Read more...]

Another Sports Supplement Under Product Recall for Potential Hepatitis

More Sports Supplements Subject to Product Recall for Containing Ingredient that Might Cause Hepatitis Another dietary supplement is subject to the FDA’s product recall involving OxyElite Pro, because the sports supplement contains an ingredient that might be the cause of hepatitis and liver damage in numerous patients. Physique Enhancing … [Read more...]

OxyElite Pro Manufacturer Sued for Personal Injury in Hepatitis Case

Woman Sues Manufacturer of OxyElite Pro, and Store that Sold It, in Personal Injury Case for Contracting Hepatitis A woman from the Big Island of Hawaii has issued a personal injury lawsuit against the manufacturer of OxyElite Pro, as well as the store that sold the product to her, after she contracted acute hepatitis. So far, at least one person … [Read more...]

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