Hospital-Acquired Infections of Superbug in NC Related to UCLA

Hospital-Acquired Infection of Superbug in UCLA Found on Devices in NC The superbug CRE – carbapenem-resistent Enterobacteriaceae – has been found to be the cause of several hospital-acquired infections in North Carolina, just days after a reported outbreak of the superbug in Los Angeles. According to Kevin McCarthy, a spokesman for the Carolinas … [Read more...]

13 South Carolina Hospitals Fined for Hospital Error and Patient Harm

Federal Medicare Program Fines 13 South Carolina Hospitals for Patient Harm and Hospital Error As the federal government works to reduce hospital errors, the Medicare program announced that it intends to penalize 700 hospitals in the United States, including 13 in South Carolina, by reducing federal health insurance payments by 1% for a fiscal … [Read more...]

Rare Hospital Infection Kills 4th Patient

Fourth Greenville Health System Patient with Rare Hospital Acquired Infection Dies In June, the Greenville Health System announced that patients who had undergone surgery at some of their locations, including Greenville Memorial Hospital, could possibly have acquired a rare hospital infection from unclean surgical equipment. So far, 15 people have … [Read more...]

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