Sen. Harry Reid Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Exercise Band

Exercise Band Injures Senator Harry Reid, Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Fiery democratic senator, Harry Reid, suffered a serious eye injury after an exercise band allegedly caused him to break several bones around his eye, as well as several ribs. After almost a year of undergoing treatment, Reid has not only been forced to leave his political … [Read more...]

Tennis Star James Blake Arrested, Claims Excessive Force

NYPD Officer Who Mistook James Blake for Criminal Has History of Excessive Force Charges The New York City Police Commissioner, William Bratton, may have made a swift public apology for his force’s conduct toward tennis legend James Blake, but the tennis star still told the world that he was treated with excessive force, and now reports have shown … [Read more...]

Over 30 Personal Injury Lawsuits for Metro-North Train Accident

Two Years After Massive Metro-North Train Accident, Personal Injury Plaintiffs Still Filing Lawsuits Although it has been two years since the infamous Metro-North train accident and derailment injured 70 passengers, plaintiffs are still filing personal injury lawsuits against the railroad company for long-lasting injuries and disabilities. As … [Read more...]

$1 Million Personal Injury Compensation Award For Former Flight Nurse

Former Flight Nurse Gets $1 Million in Personal Injury Compensation A West Richland woman who worked as an in-flight nurse for a medical transport airline service recently won a personal injury compensation lawsuit she filed against the charter plane service for a 2011 incident that caused her to lose hearing in one ear. Dawn Workman, now 44, … [Read more...]

Judge Halts Ebola Personal Injury Lawsuit for Possible Disease Covered by Workers Comp

Nurse Who Caught Ebola Faces Delays in Ebola Personal Injury Lawsuit, May be a Disease Covered by Workers Comp Instead Nurses face many hazards from their jobs, including long-term joint and muscular problems from heavy lifting, assault by patients, and infectious diseases. One nurse who cared for the United States’ first Ebola patient in Texas … [Read more...]

Upcoming Testosterone Therapy MDL Trial Highlights Drug Industry Issues

Testosterone Therapy MDL Will Focus on Off-Label Marketing of Fake Disease The testosterone therapy MDL (multidistrict litigation) has 1,340 personal injury lawsuits alleging that therapies like Androgel, manufactured by AbbVie, were not only misrepresented in off-label direct-to-consumer marketing, but the drug manufacturers created a fake … [Read more...]

Heart Clinic Deemed “Grossly Negligent” In Wrongful Death Lawsuit

SC Heart Clinic Failed to Inform Patient of Health Issues, Loses Wrongful Death Lawsuit A Richland County jury ruled in a wrongful death lawsuit that a local heart clinic was grossly negligent when it failed to warn a patient about his potential cardiac condition, and that the lack of knowledge contributed to the patient’s subsequent death from … [Read more...]

JPML Asked to Consolidate Benicar Lawsuits

Judicial Panel Asked to Consolidate Benicar Personal Injury Lawsuits Plaintiffs who filed cases against pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo for personal injury caused by blood pressure drug Benicar have asked the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) to consolidate their lawsuits into one multidistrict litigation (MDL) in Ohio. The … [Read more...]

Woman Sues J&J for Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer

Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Link Tied to Shower to Shower A woman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson alleging that her daily use of the company’s talcum powder product Shower to Shower caused her ovarian cancer. Lynne Cebulske filed her personal injury lawsuit on May 14th, claiming that she had used J&J’s baby … [Read more...]

Pradaxa Manufacturers Settle Lawsuits for $650 Million

Manufacturers of Blood Thinner Pradaxa Pay $650 Million in Personal Injury Cases The German drug manufacturer Boehringer Ingleheim said on Wednesday, May 28th, that they would settle a number of US-based personal injury lawsuits related to the use of their blood thinner, Pradaxa, for $650 million. Pradaxa reportedly caused severe and fatal … [Read more...]

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