Self-Driving Cars Create Insurance and Liability Conundrum

As Google Begins to Test Self-Driving Cars, Automakers and Lawmakers Alike Question Liability Self-driving cars – many tech-heads see this as the next step in personal vehicle safety. The cars could lead to less smog and traffic, and can also potentially keep passengers safer in the event of an accident. Many, including Google and now automaker … [Read more...]

MSU Student Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Frat

Sorority Student Who Suffered Serious Personal Injury Sues Fraternity for Prank A Missouri State University student and sorority sister is suing a fraternity for a prank that led to serious personal injury to her eye. Emma Rapp, a senior psychology major and Delta Zeta Epsilon sister, says in her personal injury lawsuit that, in September of … [Read more...]

US Supreme Court Reviews Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Generic Drugs

Generic Drugs Previously Exempt from Personal Injury Lawsuits In 2011, the Supreme Court ruled 5 – 4 that patients cannot levy personal injury lawsuits against manufacturers of generic drugs if they fail to warn about side effects. The ruling was based on the FDA’s regulation that generic drugs must be functionally, chemically equivalent to their … [Read more...]

Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal Sued for Automobile Accident

Famous Los Angeles DJ Hit With Automobile Accident Lawsuit from Accident Last Year On Monday, November 24th, DJ Lethal was hit with a lawsuit for what he calls a “fender bender.” Suraj Kayastha, the woman DJ Lethal hit, filed the personal injury lawsuit documents in the LA County Superior Court on November 5th. She claimed that she was driving … [Read more...]

DePuy Orthopedics Motions to Dismiss Faulty Metal Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson’s Subsidiary DePuy Files to Dismiss Lawsuit Before Scheduled Trial in January Loren Kransky is a Vietnam veteran – he served in the 1970’s – where he was exposed to Agent Orange. Since then, he has been diagnosed by the Veteran’s Administration with diabetes, neuropathy, arterioschlerosis, and heart problems. He even required … [Read more...]

UC Davis Pepper-Spray Personal Injury Lawsuit Settles

University of California Davis has agreed to pay over $1 million to settle the personal injury lawsuit levied by students pepper sprayed in a demonstration last November. The students and faculty members, loosely part of the Occupy protests, were demonstrating against the privatization of the university, as well as rising tuition costs. However, … [Read more...]

Video Games Can Help Promote Lifestyle Changes, Prevent Use of Dangerous Drugs like Actos

Recent studies into the therapeutic use of video games show that games can be used to promote a more active lifestyle, teach about self-care, empower patients to be more active in their treatment, and even build connections in the brain. These benefits can help patients, in the long-term, stay away from dangerous drugs like Actos and Avandia. The … [Read more...]

Do Small Cars Equal Greater Personal Injury Risk?

An insurance industry study released on September 20th showed that small cars, and especially the Toyota Yaris, caused more injury to drivers than other vehicles. The Porsche 911 was ranked the safest car in the study. The insurance study focused on number of personal injury claims per vehicle between 2009 and 2011, and was conducted by the … [Read more...]

Warrantless DUI Blood Tests Go to the Supreme Court

Warantless DUI Blood Tests In October 2012, at about 2 AM, Tyler McNeely was pulled over for speeding not DUI. The Missouri Highway patrolman, Mark Winder, saw some signs of intoxication in McNeely, and had him perform four DUI field sobriety tests. McNeely performed poorly, so the officer asked him to perform a breathalyzer, which McNeely … [Read more...]

Chicago Derailment Personal Injury Lawsuit Settled

A woman from Plainfield settled a Personal Injury lawsuit over a commuter train derailment. The woman, Kathryn Kuk, will receive $1.8 million under the agreement. She suffered multiple injuries to her lower back, requiring extensive surgery. She has already undergone two surgeries, and will probably need more. She also continues to suffer … [Read more...]

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