SC Lawmakers try to Ban Texting while Drivng

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 20 percent of motor vehicle crash-related injuries in 2009 were associated with drivers who were distracted. The unfortunate accidents cost 5,000 Americans their lives in 2009 and caused an additional 448,000 injuries. One of the biggest issues associated … [Read more...]

NY man blogs “My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer in Court”; Parents sue & win

Comedian Matt Fisher, of New York, wrote a blog post titled “My Sister Paid Progressive Insurance to Defend Her Killer In Court.” The company spent 2 years stalling to avoid paying out her policy to her surviving family. Kaitlynn Eileen Fisher, Matt’s sister, was killed by an SUV driver in 2010. The driver’s insurance paid out when a witness said … [Read more...]

Two Serious Dog Bite Attacks in SC

Two Dog Bite Attacks in South Carolina Lead to Questions about Liability and Responsibility Two vicious dog bite attacks – one in Greenville and one in Spartanburg – have left two victims seriously injured, while another died. The Greenville incident involved a dog that the family did not expect to become so brutal. "The dog was not aggressive, … [Read more...]

Strom Law SC Car Accident Attorney Report: Unsafe Drivers

SC Car Accident Attorney: Wrecks  Caused by Drivers Who Admit Unsafe Habits Every 13 minutes, a car accident or crash kills someone in the United States. Fatalities range across anyone who uses roads, including drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. Statistically, young people are most likely to suffer from car accident injuries and deaths.  What the … [Read more...]

Actos Increases Bladder Cancer Risk Compared to Different Class of Diabetes Drugs

A new study released earlier this month, and published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, found that thiazolidinedione (TZD) drugs like Actos were more likely to cause bladder cancer than a different class of drugs called sulfonylurea drugs. Patients who took TZD drugs were two to three times more likely to develop bladder cancer than … [Read more...]

With database’s help, prisoners exonerated, but little other aid is available

A program from the University of Michigan Law School and the Center on Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University School of law has created a database to register exonerations across the country – it is aptly named the National Registry of Exonerations. According to a recent article on CNN, 2,000 people have been exonerated in the past 23 … [Read more...]

NASCAR’s Potential Liability in an “Act of God”

On Sunday, August 5th, 1 person was killed and 9 others injured after a severe lightning storm rolled over Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. The 9 injured in the strike have all, as of Thursday, been released from the hospital. Now, questions are being raised about Pocono Raceway’s liability for their injuries. Lightning kills an average of 58 … [Read more...]

Former Wells Fargo Employee Alleges He Was Fired for Daughter’s Cancer

Florida resident Yovany Gonzalez is suing his former employers, Wells Fargo, claiming they laid him off because his daughter’s cancer treatments were too expensive. Gonzalez’s daughter Mackenzie was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. After two years of medical treatment, Gonzalez was fired three days before Mackenzie went into surgery. The hospital … [Read more...]

Couple Sues Airline After Discovering Cockroaches Hanging Above Their Heads

South Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyers A North Carolina couple filed a lawsuit against Air Tran Airways, alleging they were sickened by cockroaches coming out of air vents and storage areas on a recent flight from Charlotte toHouston. Passengers Harry Marsh and his fiancée, Kaitlin Rush, are suing for negligence and recklessness after their … [Read more...]

Federal Review Finds Whistleblower Claims Not Investigated Properly

A recent survey of programming inspections by OSHA revealed major flaws in how whistleblower cases are handled. The report showed that state labor officials routinely fail to properly investigate complaints from whistleblowers of retaliation in the workplace. Per the PDF of the investigation: “The evaluation of the program identified issues in … [Read more...]

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