A Blue Moon to Honor the Man on the Moon, Neil Armstrong

Call it a coincidence or call it divine intervention, nonetheless a “blue moon” hung in the sky Friday, August 31 as family and friends gathered to remember Neil Armstrong. For the last half a century, Neil Armstrong’s name has been synonymous with the word moon. An American Icon Neil Armstrong made his mark on this world, and even galaxy, when … [Read more...]

Lawyers Are New Target for Scammers

Even lawyers are not immune to scammers. According to the Wall Street Journal, fraudsters are now targeting law firms in an attempt to swindle the firms out of millions of dollars. The Scheme How are fraudsters able to lure lawyers into their scheme? Scammers pose as new clients living abroad. Through an elaborate scheme utilizing false … [Read more...]

GoDaddy Outage Took Out Strom Law Firm

If you were trying to access Strom Law Firm’s site on Monday, chances are you did not get through because of an outage resulting from a GoDaddy hack. GoDaddy is an internet registrar that hosts more than 5 million websites and email accounts, many of which belong to small businesses, like Strom Law Firm. Hacked According to Fox News, the … [Read more...]

A Dog’s 500 Mile Journey

One Myrtle Beach dog is living proof of the saying, “Man’s Best Friend”. According to ABC News, A three-year-old black Labrador dog named Bucky traveled 500 miles from Virginia to Myrtle Beach in hopes of reuniting with his owner. Bucky’s Story Bucky’s owner, Mark Wessells, took Bucky to live with his father in Winchester, Va after … [Read more...]

SC Voter Identification Lawsuit Heads to DC

South Carolina elected officials are heading to Washington D.C. this week to voice their opinions on the voter identification law that is to go before a three-judge panel in U.S. District Court. Rep. Bakari Sellers (D-Denmark), an attorney with the Strom Law Firm in Columbia, also made the trip to Washington DC in opposition of the voter … [Read more...]

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