South Carolina Automobile Accident Death Numbers Rise in 2012

Number of Deaths from Automobile Accidents in South Carolina Goes Up In 2012 The number of deaths from automobile accidents in South Carolina rose in 2012, compared to 2011, according to the South Carolina Highway Patrol. In 2011, 827 deaths were reported on the highway; in 2012, that number rose to 833. Both of these numbers are still lower … [Read more...]

Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal Sued for Automobile Accident

Famous Los Angeles DJ Hit With Automobile Accident Lawsuit from Accident Last Year On Monday, November 24th, DJ Lethal was hit with a lawsuit for what he calls a “fender bender.” Suraj Kayastha, the woman DJ Lethal hit, filed the personal injury lawsuit documents in the LA County Superior Court on November 5th. She claimed that she was driving … [Read more...]

Do Small Cars Equal Greater Personal Injury Risk?

An insurance industry study released on September 20th showed that small cars, and especially the Toyota Yaris, caused more injury to drivers than other vehicles. The Porsche 911 was ranked the safest car in the study. The insurance study focused on number of personal injury claims per vehicle between 2009 and 2011, and was conducted by the … [Read more...]

New Cars Bring New Difficulty for Auto Accident Responders

Cars are making rescue harder in the event of an auto accident. First responders now have to go outside their normal protocol to figure out how to rescue accident victims. What is different in these new cars from cars before? New types of steel make up the body of these new cars. This new type of steel is harder to cut, and contains high-voltage … [Read more...]

2012 Car Technologies…Are They Worth It?

SC Product Liability Lawyer Are new car technologies safer and more efficient? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in conjunction with the Highway Loss Data Institute collected and analyzed data to determine which new car technologies work and which may not being working as planned. The IIHS analyzed three new technologies … [Read more...]

23 People in One Truck? A recipe for an Auto Accident

The theater massacre was not the only incident to kill more than a dozen people this weekend. A pickup truck carrying 23 passengers veered off the road killing at least 13 people and injuring 10 more. The victims of the auto accident included at least two young children. The accident occurred Sunday evening in South Texas. The 23 passengers … [Read more...]

Long-Time SC Governor’s Mansion Staffmember Killed in Fatal Automobile Accident

Chamberlain Branch Mourned After Automobile Accident Killed Him Earlier this Month Police finally released the names of two men killed in a fatal Columbia, SC automobile accident at the beginning of December. One of the victims was Chamberlain Branch, a man who served as complex supervisor of the South Carolina Governor’s mansion for three … [Read more...]

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