Class Action Filed In Light of Jeep Hack

Jeep and Fiat Face Class Action and Vehicle Recall After Security Researchers Expose Software Flaw In July, two software researches exposed a security flaw in Jeep Cherokees that showed the vehicle's computers are susceptible to hackers. The two researchers were able to prevent the vehicle’s brakes from working by hacking into the Cherokee’s … [Read more...]

Kansas Farmers Join Syngenta Lawsuit

More Farmers Join Lawsuit Against Syngenta for GMO Corn Losses Although China finally approved import of Syngenta’s GMO corn strain, called Viptera, more farmers are joining a class action lawsuit against the company. Most recently, three corn farmers in Kansas joined the lawsuit against Swiss-based Syngenta, which alleges that the company misled … [Read more...]

EPA Accuses Volkswagen of Falsifying Emissions Information

Environmental Protection Agency Accuses Volkswagen of Bypassing Emissions Standards and Harming Consumers The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has accused German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen of installing software on certain U.S.-sold cars that evades emissions testing standards, releasing harmful pollutants and violating US federal … [Read more...]

Arbitration Clauses Prevent Class Action Lawsuits and Hurt Consumers

Companies Use Arbitration Clauses to Prevent Class Action Lawsuits, Hurting Consumers Class action lawsuits are large, consolidated cases involving plaintiffs who have been hurt by irresponsible business practices or defective products created by a large company. However, a recent survey showed that too many large companies use arbitration clauses … [Read more...]

China Approves Syngenta GMO Corn

Amidst Lawsuits and Financial Loss, China Finally Approves Syngenta GMO Corn As several farmers and grain handlers file lawsuits against Syngenta, one of the largest corn markets in the world – China – has finally approved Syngenta’s Viptera strain of GMO corn for consumption in the country. The Syngenta Corn GMO lawsuits allege that Syngenta … [Read more...]

Comcast Faces Class Action Lawsuit for Secondary Public Wifi Network

Comcast Used Private Home Wifi Cost to Fund Public Wifi Network, Class Action Lawsuit Claims A federal class action lawsuit was filed against Comcast in California, last Thursday December 4, 2014.  The class action suit accuses the internet service provider of forcing residential customers to purchase more expensive routers (that are potentially … [Read more...]

Federal Class Action Filed Against SC’s DSS

Child Welfare Activists File Federal Class Action Lawsuit Against South Carolina’s Department of Social Services On Monday, January 12th, a group of child welfare activists filed a federal class action lawsuit involving 11 children who spent several years abused in the foster system in South Carolina, due to failures in the Department of Social … [Read more...]

New Class Action Claims Apple Lied About iOS8 Storage

Latest Class Action Claims Against Apple States that Company Lied About Storage Capacity of iOS8 Devices Just after tech giant Apple won a lawsuit claiming the company broke antitrust laws when it forced iPod users to exclusively use iTunes for music purchases, the company is hit with another lawsuit – this time, a class action claims that Apple … [Read more...]

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