SC Senate Votes Overwhelmingly to Ban Sweepstakes Devices as Illegal Gambling

Senate Votes to Put Controversial Sweepstakes Devices on Illegal Gambling List On Tuesday, January 15th, the South Carolina senate voted with an overwhelming majority stating that the controversial sweepstakes devices – which could be found in a variety of stores, and even some chain restaurants – would be considered illegal gambling … [Read more...]

Elderly SC Woman Charged with Running Illegal Gambling Operation

South Carolina Senior Citizen Ran An Illegal Gambling Operation Out of Her Home As the South Carolina House of Representatives deliberates a bill defining sweepstakes machines as illegal gambling devices, a 73-year-old woman has been arrested for running an illegal gambling operation out of her home. A Crimestoppers tip informed the Richland … [Read more...]

Charleston, SC: Summertime, where the livin’ is easy

South Carolina Lawyers Summer is not over yet. There is still time to plan a Charleston, SC getaway. Here are some things you need to know before you head down to the coast. Charleston, SC Every summer tourists from near and far flock to Charleston. Charleston, SC is home to not only three beautiful beaches, but also a lively downtown … [Read more...]

$92 Million For SC From the PGA Championship

The world’s greatest golfers have made their way to Charleston, SC this week to play in the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island. The event should bring in $92 million in direct tourism impact and an estimated $75 million in television exposure for the city. Charleston tourism officials hope the PGA Championship will add new interest to the … [Read more...]

Snoop Dogg banned from Norway for Drug Crimes

Snoop Dogg is in trouble with the law again. This time, though, he is not in trouble with the US government, but the government of Norway. Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, has been banned from Norway for two years after trying to enter the country with a small amount of marijuana and more cash than is legally allowed. Upon … [Read more...]

FDA Deliberates Tightening Controls on Hydrocodone to Stem Drug Abuse

Hydrocodone and Oxycodone Equally Addictive, says DEA, and Patients Could be Drug Abusers The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been pushing for years for hydrocodone to be reclassified, from Schedule III to Schedule II, because of wide-spread drug abuse. Doctors who treat chronic pain and illness have argued differently, at the same time … [Read more...]

High School Student Arrested for Criminal Offense After Weapons Found in Vehicle

In Aftermath of Sandy Hook Shooting, Student Arrested for Criminal Offense of Gun Possession A 17-year-old South Carolina high school student was arrested on Monday, December 17th, after a tip from a fellow student led authorities to search the 17-year-old’s car. Inside, they found a large stash of weapons. The student, Hunter Ray Green, … [Read more...]

Five South Carolina Robbery Suspects Found and Arrested

South Carolina Robbery Suspects Caught With Help of Vigilant Neighbors and DNA Evidence After a series of burglaries in Northeast Richland County, local officials have arrested five men, after finding DNA evidence at the scenes that linked them to the crimes. Deputies arrested 20-year-old Phillip Brandon Oliver for burglary and grand larceny, … [Read more...]

Pastor Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges in Ponzi Scheme

Pastor Pleaded Guilty to Federal Charges Accusing Him of Scamming $2.5 Million A former pastor from Conway, SC pleaded guilty on Wednesday, January 9th to federal charges that accused him of organizing a ponzi scheme, ultimately defrauding people of $2.5 million. Archie Larue Evans, 42 years old, is the former pastor of the Tilly Swamp Baptist … [Read more...]

Not Enough Evidence to Convict Woman on South Carolina Criminal Charges

Alicia Johnson was arrested in September for fatally stabbing a man at her Rock Hill apartment, but a judge now says that there is not enough evidence to convict her of murder. 40-year-old Johnson alleges that she did not know 54-year-old Anthony Davis would die after she stabbed him. She said she stabbed him with a pair of scissors in … [Read more...]

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