Bank of America Found Guilty of Mortgage Fraud

Bank of America and Subsidiaries Found Guilty by Federal Jury of Mortgage Fraud A federal grand jury has found Bank of America and its subsidiary Countrywide guilty of mortgage fraud, which triggered the recession that started in 2008. The US Justice Department argued that Countrywide, which was purchased by Bank of America in 2008, … [Read more...]

Former SC Lawmaker Indicted on Burglary Charges

Former State Rep Faces Indictment for Burglary Charges, After Indictment for Stalking and Harassment Charges Former state representative Thad Viers faces a new indictment for criminal charges related to his ex-girlfriend. Viers was initially indicted after his ex-girlfriend claimed that he was stalking and harassing her – she repeatedly asked … [Read more...]

Woman Arrested on Criminal Domestic Violence Charges after Choking Blanket Hog Boyfriend

SC Woman Choked Boyfriend for Hogging Blankets, Faces Criminal Domestic Violence Charges No one likes it when their partner steals the covers in the night, especially in the middle of winter. One woman from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, took her anger a little too far – to the point of criminal domestic violence charges. Myrtle Beach Police were … [Read more...]

Elderly SC Woman Charged with Running Illegal Gambling Operation

South Carolina Senior Citizen Ran An Illegal Gambling Operation Out of Her Home As the South Carolina House of Representatives deliberates a bill defining sweepstakes machines as illegal gambling devices, a 73-year-old woman has been arrested for running an illegal gambling operation out of her home. A Crimestoppers tip informed the Richland … [Read more...]

FDA Deliberates Tightening Controls on Hydrocodone to Stem Drug Abuse

Hydrocodone and Oxycodone Equally Addictive, says DEA, and Patients Could be Drug Abusers The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been pushing for years for hydrocodone to be reclassified, from Schedule III to Schedule II, because of wide-spread drug abuse. Doctors who treat chronic pain and illness have argued differently, at the same time … [Read more...]

Pastor Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges in Ponzi Scheme

Pastor Pleaded Guilty to Federal Charges Accusing Him of Scamming $2.5 Million A former pastor from Conway, SC pleaded guilty on Wednesday, January 9th to federal charges that accused him of organizing a ponzi scheme, ultimately defrauding people of $2.5 million. Archie Larue Evans, 42 years old, is the former pastor of the Tilly Swamp Baptist … [Read more...]

SC Senate Votes Overwhelmingly to Ban Sweepstakes Devices as Illegal Gambling

Senate Votes to Put Controversial Sweepstakes Devices on Illegal Gambling List On Tuesday, January 15th, the South Carolina senate voted with an overwhelming majority stating that the controversial sweepstakes devices – which could be found in a variety of stores, and even some chain restaurants – would be considered illegal gambling … [Read more...]

Three South Carolina Men Sentenced for Illegal Gambling Ring

Men Arrested for Illegal Gambling Ring Discovered in Connection to a Double Murder Case Three men in Columbia, SC have been sentenced to prison for their roles in an illegal gambling ring. Investigators discovered the operation while looking into a different case, involving a double murder. U.S. Attorney Bill Nettles said on Tuesday that Lanny … [Read more...]

Columbia High School Teacher Faces SC Criminal Sexual Conduct Charges

English Teacher Accused of Criminal Sexual Conduct with Student An honors English teacher at Dreher High School faces SC criminal sexual conduct charges after admitting to having sex with one of her students. 34-year-old Kinsley Wentsky has been charged by Forest Acres Police with sexual battery of a student. Although Wentsky was initially … [Read more...]

Three SC High School Students Receive South Carolina Criminal Charges for “Joy Riding” in School Buses

Three SC Students Steal School Buses, Arrested for South Carolina Criminal Charges High school students in Laurens, SC were arrested on Saturday after driving two school buses around a parking lot. The students were unlicensed, and at least one of them was 14-years-old. As they are juveniles, the students’ names are not being released, nor is the … [Read more...]

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