#DivorceSelfie Goes Viral to Promote Amicable Divorces

Instagram Flooded as #DivorceSelfie Hashtag and Images Go Viral to Promote Amicable Ends to Marriages When Shannon and Chris Neuman in stereotypical friendly Canadian fashion, posted their “divorce selfie” to Instagram, they wanted to promote their hard work and continue to be good parents to their children after 11 years of marriage. They didn’t … [Read more...]

Is Ashley Madison Account Grounds for Divorce?

Divorce Attorneys Across the Country Gear Up for Increase in Cases After Ashley Madison Hack is a dating service-style site that allows for anonymous cheating among married people. The website was hacked and millions of users’ data – including full names, partial credit card numbers, email addresses, and mailing addresses – was leaked for the … [Read more...]

Divorce Linked to Higher Risk of Heart Attack

People Who Divorce Face a Higher Risk of Heart Attack A new study shows that people who divorce at least once are more likely to have a heart attack, and for women, remarriage doesn’t help. Duke University researchers led the study, which looked at 16,000 adults over two decades, and found that those who divorced, at least once, were more … [Read more...]

Divorce Proceedings Can Be Kinder, Gentler

Divorce Should Not Be Adversarial, For Kids’ and Your Own Sake Because divorce represents the end of a romantic relationship and domestic partnership, the logistics of divorce can feel like an attack. However, if you and your spouse choose to file for divorce, it is important to remember that your feelings may be negative, but the divorce … [Read more...]

Woman Can Serve Divorce Papers Through Facebook

Court Says Woman Can Serve Husband Divorce Papers Through Facebook A New York court has granted a woman the ability to serve her divorce papers “through alternate means,” which in her case means Facebook. Ellanora Arthur Baidoo, a Brooklyn nurse, has reportedly been trying to divorce her husband for several years. However, she and her attorney … [Read more...]

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