“Smart Bandage” Detects Bed Sores, Could Prevent Elder Abuse

New “Smart Bandage” Can Detect Bed Sores Before They’re Visible, Could Help Prevent Worst Elder Abuse Engineers at the University of California have developed a new type of bandage that they call a “smart bandage,” which can detect the presence of bed sores before they become visible. These new bandages, which detect tissue damage below the … [Read more...]

Medical Alert Scam Finally Halted

Medical Alert Scam Targeted at Seniors Halted, Business Has Assets Frozen A federal judge, prompted by the Federal Trade Commission and the attorney general of Florida, has halted the operations of scammers who target seniors with a “free” Medical Alert Scam. According to the FTC, the Orlando-based operation is called Credit Voice, and uses … [Read more...]

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