Former Bucks Cheerleader Sues for Unpaid Wages

Former Milwaukee Bucks Cheerleader Files Wage Payment Lawsuit A former Milwaukee Bucks cheerleader has officially filed a wage payment  lawsuit against the team. While many NBA stars and coaches earn millions of dollars, the former cheerleader says that, with all her working hours and personal expenses, she and her fellow cheerleaders earned less … [Read more...]

Uber Faces Disability Discrimination Lawsuits

Lawsuit Claims Uber Drivers Unprepared for Disabled Passengers in Violation of ADA The mobile app service that allows users to request a driver on their phone when they need a ride has an extremely successful, but troubled start up company. While the service operates much like a taxi company, the company allows drivers to work any hours they want … [Read more...]

More Join Outback Steakhouse Wage Payment Class Action

Thousands of Current and Former Outback Steakhouse Employees Join Wage Payment Class Action The parent company behind Outback Steakhouse faces a major wage payment class action lawsuit involving over 100,000 hourly employees of the organization, who claim the company violated minimum wage law, overtime pay, and required off-the-clock work. The … [Read more...]

Charleston Area Restaurants Fined for SC Labor Violations

Charleston Restaurant Popped For Repeated Labor Violations The US Department of Labor investigated numerous Charleston, SC restaurants after a news report disclosed several labor violations being committed by the city’s popular restaurants and their owners. The DOL concluded that four restaurants in the Charleston, SC area owe back wages and … [Read more...]

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