Colorado Meat Producer Issues Food Recall for ‘Insanitary Conditions’

USDA Issues Food Recall for 90,000 Lbs of Meat Reportedly Processed in 'Insanitary Conditions' On Monday, December 9th, the US Department of Agriculture announced that Yauk’s Specialty Meats, based in Windsor, CO, had issued a food recall for 90,000 pounds of meat and poultry products that were produced in insanitary conditions. The following … [Read more...]

Taylor Farms Issues Yet Another Food Recall, For Listeria in Broccoli Salad

Company at Center of Cyclospora Outbreak Issues Another Food Recall, for Listeria in Broccoli Salads Taylor Farms, the company that issued a food recall for cyclospora-tainted salad mixed that had been shipped to Red Lobster and Olive Garden earlier this year, has issued another food recall, this time for Listeria in ready-made broccoli … [Read more...]

Consumer Groups Call for Food Recall in Salmonella Outbreak

Coalition of Consumer Groups Call for Foster Farms Food Recall Due to Salmonella Outbreak A coalition of consumer groups has demanded that the US Department of Agriculture to issue a food recall for Foster Farms chicken products due to salmonella contagion, which has already sickened 317 people across the United States and Puerto Rico. The Safe … [Read more...]

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