Doctor’s Selfie Lead to Medical Malpractice Charges

Doctors that Take Selfies with Patients is a Strange Internet Trend that Could Lead to Medical Malpractice ChargesA Malaysian obstetrician has captured news attention with a grotesque picture of herself making the V for Victory gesture while a pregnant woman’s genitals are clear in the background. The image was posted to social media and has gone … [Read more...]

New Doctors’ App Could Help Prevent Misdiagnoses and in turn Medical Malpractice Suits

Figure 1 App Helps Train Doctors in Weird Conditions, Could Decrease Hospital Error, Misdiagnoses, and Medical Malpractice CasesA new mobile app called Figure 1 has been called the “Instagram for Doctors.” Surgeons and physicians post pictures of strange ailments, like blue skin lesions, weird toe nail growths, or huge calcified plaques, and ask … [Read more...]

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