Boeing 767 Engine Explodes Mid Runway

Airplane Engine Explodes Mid Runway Forcing Evacuation On Thursday, October 29,th pilots of a Boeing 767, operated by Dynamic International Airways, departed the gate despite warnings concerning a possible problem. While on the runway preparing for take off, the airplane engine burst into flames. Passengers and crew were forced to evacuate the … [Read more...]

Judge Halts Ebola Personal Injury Lawsuit for Possible Disease Covered by Workers Comp

Nurse Who Caught Ebola Faces Delays in Ebola Personal Injury Lawsuit, May be a Disease Covered by Workers Comp InsteadNurses face many hazards from their jobs, including long-term joint and muscular problems from heavy lifting, assault by patients, and infectious diseases. One nurse who cared for the United States’ first Ebola patient in Texas … [Read more...]

New Mirena IUD Injury Lawsuit Could Go to Court

New Mirena IUD Lawsuits Filed with JPML for Latest Mirena IUD InjuryMany women have joined a multidistrict litigation (MDL) against Bayer Pharmaceuticals, alleging that the company’s intrauterine birth control device, the Mirena IUD, not only does not prevent pregnancy as advertised, but can perforate surrounding organs and cause severe internal … [Read more...]

Federal Judge Approves NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement

NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement Approved by Federal Judge In January of this year, US District Judge Anita B. Brody rejected the proposed NFL’s concussion lawsuit settlement – which was an offer of $765 million – citing that she did not believe the league was offering enough to help retired players who suffered the side effects of concussions … [Read more...]

Metoprolol Drug Recall Due to Dissolution Problems

Indian Manufacturer Issues Metoprolol Drug Recall for Dissolution ProblemsAnother Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer – this time, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd – has issued a Metoprolol drug recall for 13,560 bottles of  generic hypertension drug metoprolol succinate in the United States after the medication failed a dissolution test.Metoprolol … [Read more...]

Illinois Actos Injury Trial Goes to Takeda

Actos Injury Case in Illinois Decided in Favor of Takeda PharmaceuticalsTakeda Pharmaceuticals, the drug company behind Type 2 diabetes drug Actos, won their most recent personal injury lawsuit that alleged that Actos caused the plaintiff’s bladder cancer.On Thursday, May 15th, the 12-member jury in Chicago ruled that Actos was not responsible … [Read more...]

DePuy Settlement Decision Deadline Soon

Plaintiffs in DePuy Hip Replacement Litigation Must Decide on Settlement Numbers SoonThere are currently about 8,000 plaintiffs in the DePuy ASR hip replacement multidistrict litigation (MDL), and the deadline to agree about the proposed settlement is April 1st.In order for the plaintiffs to receive the settlement amount - $4 billion – from … [Read more...]

J&J Begins Risperdal Fight in Arkansas

Johnson & Johnson Begins Fight Against $1.2 Billion Risperdal Judgment in ArkansasLast month, Johnson & Johnson filed appeals in various states which had ruled to penalize the pharmaceutical giant for off-label marketing of its antipsychotic drug, Risperdal.On Thursday, February 27th, the appeals process in Arkansas began, with J&J … [Read more...]

Retail Stores Remove Questionable Hamburger in Massive Food Recall

8.7 Million Lb Food Recall Leads to Walmart and Other Retailers Removing Hamburger, Hot Dogs, Other MeatsA food recall issued for millions of pounds of meat has led retailers to scramble to remove hamburger, hot dogs, and other meats from their shelves.Rancho Feeding Corp, based in Petaluma, CA, has recalled almost 8.7 million pounds of meat … [Read more...]

Football Helmets Do Not Protect Against Side Impact Concussions

New Study of Football Helmets Shows Little Protection Against Side Impacts, Leading to Concussion RiskA new study into football helmet protection shows that, while helmets offer good protection against front impacts, they do little to protect against damage from side impacts, which can lead to concussion or traumatic brain injury.The American … [Read more...]

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