Irmo Doctor Testifies in Federal Drug Ring Trial

In Drug Ring Kingpin’s Trial, Irmo Doctor Testifies to Being Used A long-time doctor from Irmo testified in a federal drug trial for his role in a drug ring that sold Oxycodone and other prescription drugs. During his testimony, he claimed he was an unwitting pawn in the organized Columbia drug trafficking ring. “I have just done this for a long … [Read more...]

Upstate Dentist Faces Drug Charges, LLR Investigation

Greenwood Area Dentist Faces Criminal Accusations that Will Likely Prompt an LLR Investigation A drug investigation in the upstate recently led to the arrest of a dentist in Greenwood, South Carolina on drug charges. In addition to the criminal charges, the Upstate dentist will likely be forced to defend his professional license before the South … [Read more...]

Ohio Chiropractor Charged with Healthcare Fraud Could Lose Professional License

Chiropractor Faces Professional License Investigation from Board A chiropractor from Ohio has been charged with healthcare fraud for overbilling insurance companies for his services, and could face an investigation into his professional license by the Ohio State Chiropractic Board. Jeffrey R. Shope, 44 years old, faces charges that he … [Read more...]

Florida Fisherman Successfully Defends Business License

Florida Commercial Fisherman Defends Business License Against Federal Prosecution A Florida man who runs a commercial fishing boat was prosecuted for catching too many undersized fish using a federal law enacted after the Enron scandal. Now, he has successfully defended his business license, and the Supreme Court agrees that fish do not constitute … [Read more...]

Iowa Chiropractor’s Business License Revoked Due to Sex Charges

Chiropractor’s Business License Revoked Due to Sex Charges, Exorcisms at Practice A man working as a chiropractor in Southern Iowa has had his chiropractor's business license revoked due to exchanging sexual favors with clients, performing exorcisms, telling his patients to stop taking medication prescribed by other doctors, and other practices … [Read more...]

Rules for Nursing License Could Change in SC

Bill Introduced to Senate to Revoke Nursing Licenses Due to Gross Negligence A bill that could revoke nursing licenses in instances of gross negligence has been approved by a Senate subcommittee, on Wednesday, March 25th. The original bill introduced sought to revoke nursing licenses in any instance of over-medication or under-medication, which … [Read more...]

Armed Security Guards Need Better Professional Licensing Standards

Poor Training and Oversight, Lack of Mental Health Evaluations for Armed Security Guards Means Weak Professional Licensing Police brutality and excessive force have dominated US headlines since the August death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. However, another group of enforcement agents can be a source of deadly or excessive force. … [Read more...]

Smoking Legal Marijuana, Termination and A SC Board Investigation

Smoking Legal Marijuana, Drug Testing, and Your Professional License Several states across the country are legalizing marijuana – currently, 21 states and the District of Columbia offer legalized marijuana in some form. Only two states, Washington State and Colorado, offer recreational use of marijuana, although use is very restricted to certain … [Read more...]

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