South Carolina Woman Sentenced for Social Security Fraud after Hiding Grandfather’s Body

Upstate SC Woman Hid Grandfather’s Body to Collect SS Checks, Sentenced for Social Security Fraud A woman from Greenwood, SC was sentenced to 10 months on Tuesday, January 15th, for social security fraud, among other charges. According to court documents, Alicia Kelly hid her grandfather’s body after he passed away, and continued to cash his … [Read more...]

South Carolina Legislature Moves to Protect Citizens Against Hack Attacks for Life

New Bill Could Create New State Department, Help Citizens Fight Hack Attacks, Identity Theft, and Social Security Fraud Just two weeks after South Carolina’s Department of Revenue suffered a serious hack attack, Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Hugh Leatherman assigned Sen. Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson) and Sen. Billy O'Dell (R-Abbeville) to … [Read more...]

Hack Attack on South Carolina More Damaging And Extensive Than Estimated

South Carolina Hack Attack Numbers Go Up Officials in South Carolina say that 200,000 more tax returns have been accessed than initially thought. Now, the state thinks the total number of individual tax returns that were hacked is 3.8 million, with 657,000 business tax returns also hacked. A spokeswoman said that this number is, … [Read more...]

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