Construction Accident Death Leads to Manslaughter Charges

Manhattan Companies Face Manslaughter Charges After Construction Accident Death In Spring New York prosecutors announced on Wednesday, August 5th, that they have filed criminal charges against two subcontractor construction companies and their managers for the construction accident death of an immigrant worker this past April. Carlos Moncayo, a … [Read more...]

Uber Driver Files for Workers Comp Due to Slashed Face

Uber Driver Files for Workers Comp Application After Face Slashed by Passenger A San Francisco man who worked as a janitor and a Uber driver files for workers comp after a passenger he accepted slashed his face. The workers comp lawsuit was filed by Uber driver Abdo Ghazi in San Francisco superior court on April 28th, and seeks class action … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Employees Allege Labor Violations

Numerous Labor Violations at McDonald’s Franchises Put Employees at Risk A group fighting for a $15 minimum wage, especially for notoriously low-paid McDonald’s employees, said on Monday, March 16th that it will file a series of health and safety complaints because of numerous labor violations that have put McDonald’s workers at risk of serious … [Read more...]

Construction Accidents on the Rise in US

Work Related Construction Accidents On The Rise As the economy continues to bounce back from the 2008 Recession, construction is booming. With the surge in construction comes an increase in the number of construction accidents and fatalities across the country. 2014 construction accident and fatality statistics compiled by OSHA confirm the … [Read more...]

NC Man Gets Workers Comp for Laser Tag Injury

Team Building Laser Tag Game Leads to Workers Compensation in North Carolina A mandatory company conference included a game of laser tag for all employees, to help build team spirit; however, the game caused one of the workers to injure his knee, so he filed a workers compensation claim. Timothy W. Holliday, a 54-year-old former territory manager … [Read more...]

OSHA Investigating Workplace Accident

Workplace Accident Could Be the Result of OSHA Violations An incident at a construction site led a worker to fall 15 feet and become impaled on a metal rod. Now, OSHA is investigating the workplace accident to determine if any violations could lead not only to workers comp claims, but to federal prosecution. The Occupational Safety and Health … [Read more...]

Workers Comp Costs More for Less Benefits

Study Finds Workers Comp Costs Increasing While Benefits are Falling A new study by the National Academy of Social Insurance states that workers compensation is becoming more expensive for businesses while insurance companies are providing fewer benefits to injured workers and their families.  The study analyzed data from 2009 to 2013, and found a … [Read more...]

Hail Damage to Roof Leads to Workers Comp Claim

Roofing Company Failed to Pay for Workers Comp Claim, Lacked Workers Comp Insurance After hail damaged a woman’s rental property, she hired a roofing company to fix the damage. However, a worker was injured on the job, and filed a workers comp claim – when the roofing company did not have workers comp insurance. Norma Hoff owned a house she … [Read more...]

SC Struggles with Construction Accidents and Work Site Safety

State Senator Calls for More Awareness in SC of Construction Accidents and Work Site Safety Another construction accident occurred earlier this week involving a construction worker with the South Carolina Department of Transportation died in a fatal accident at a work site. This gives rise to a claim for South Carolina Workers Compensation Death … [Read more...]

Alabama Bill Improves Workers Comp for Amputees

Those Suffering Amputations Due to Work Accidents Will Receive Better Workers Comp Help in Alabama A workers comp bill filed on April 2nd in Alabama would triple the amount of compensation awarded to those who suffered amputations caused by accidents on the job. The bill may have been inspired by an investigative series on workers comp conducted … [Read more...]

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