South Carolina Lawmakers Consider Bill to Change Workers Comp Laws for Police, Firefighters

A New Bill Proposes Changes to Workers Comp Laws to Help Law Enforcement and Emergency Workers In the last week of February, the SC House Judiciary Committee approved a bill that aims to better protect public safety workers – police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical technicians – by changing some workers comp standards. Generally, … [Read more...]

Revamped Workers Compensation Bill Now Law in California

Workers Compensation Governor Jerry Brown of California signed a new workers compensation insurance bill into law on September 18th, with the help of both state Democrats and Republicans. "Whether it's Washington or Sacramento, there are two sides. Well, today we're one side, and that one side is helping bring down the cost to businesses while … [Read more...]

NY Workers Compensation Claims Get “Personal”

New York workers compensation claims have been defined more narrowly by the Court of Appeals. According to a recent press release, a woman filed suit after her initial worker’s compensation claim was denied. The woman, who was an employee of New York State Department of Law, was riding the shuttle bus to the parking lot when she had a confrontation … [Read more...]

Dog Days of Summer of See an Increase in Worker’s Comp Claims

The dog days of summer are upon us, which means outdoor workers need to take extra precautions to avoid injury or illness. Worker's comp claims skyrocket in the summer, so take precautions! While many of us sit in our offices enjoying the air conditioning, others are outside slaving away in the hot sun. Every year thousands of workers file … [Read more...]

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