FDA Knew That Medical Devices Prone to Spreading Superbug

Medical Devices Prone to Spreading Superbug and FDA Knew Experts in hospital-acquired infections say that the Food and Drug Administration, which approves new drugs and medical devices, knew about problems cleaning a device called a duodenoscope, which has been at the center of Superbug outbreaks at UCLA and Seattle, among others. Allegedly, the … [Read more...]

Superbug Outbreak in LA Hospital Due to Hospital Error

Hospital Error Leads to Superbug Outbreak Among Almost 200 Former Patients Defective Medical instruments that remained contaminated due to hospital error has led to a “superbug” outbreak among 179 patients at a Los Angeles hospital. At least two patients have died. The patients were most likely infected with CRE, or Carbapenem-Resistant … [Read more...]

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