More Listeria Food Recalls Issued

Safeway Issues Voluntary Food Recall for Several Deli Products On Wednesday, October 30th, Safeway issued a voluntary food recall for several products that contained ingredients supplied to Taylor Farms by Reser’s Fine Foods, which may be contaminated with listeria. The company said that the food recall is in cooperation with Reser’s Fine Foods … [Read more...]

Taylor Farms Issues Yet Another Food Recall, For Listeria in Broccoli Salad

Company at Center of Cyclospora Outbreak Issues Another Food Recall, for Listeria in Broccoli Salads Taylor Farms, the company that issued a food recall for cyclospora-tainted salad mixed that had been shipped to Red Lobster and Olive Garden earlier this year, has issued another food recall, this time for Listeria in ready-made broccoli … [Read more...]

Company at Center of Cyclospora Outbreak Has Large Number of Recalls

Taylor Farms, Maker of Cyclospora-Tainted Salad Mix, Has Issued Huge Number of Voluntary Recalls in Past Years Taylor Farms, the company that produced salad mix tainted with cyclospora that was then sold at Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants across the US, has a history of voluntary product recalls for potentially tainted products in the … [Read more...]

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