Testosterone Therapy Increases Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke

Studies Show Link Between Testosterone Therapy in Men and Heart Failure, Disease, and Stroke Risk Several studies in the past year show a link between testosterone therapy treatments and an increased risk in men of heart failure, disease, and stroke. Testosterone therapy, especially in the form of gels, patches, and injections, have been … [Read more...]

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits Consolidated in MDL

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuits Granted Federal MDL All testosterone therapy lawsuits have been consolidated into one multidistrict litigation (MDL) by the Judicial Panel of Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) due to similarities in injuries and claims against testosterone therapy manufacturers. The testosterone therapy lawsuits were consolidated in … [Read more...]

Testosterone Therapy Increases Heart Attack Risk in Older Men

New Study Shows Testosterone Therapy Increases Heart Attack Risk Twofold in Men Under 65 The latest testosterone therapy study, published recently in PLoS One shows that testosterone replacement drugs increase the risks of heart attack, stroke, and or death in men 65 years of age or older. Testosterone therapy is often marketed to middle aged and … [Read more...]

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