Tuomey Must Pay to Continue Medicare Fraud Appeal

Federal Judge Says Tuomey Must Come Up with $20 Million to Continue Medicare Fraud Appeal Sumter hospital Tuomey Healthcare Systems must pay $20 million to continue its appeal of the Medicare fraud penalty in two weeks, according to a federal judge. On Thursday, April 10th, a federal judge ruled that Tuomey must set aside $70 million to continue … [Read more...]

Tuomey Hospital Execs Resign, Possibly Due to False Claims Charges

Possible Settlement of False Claims Charges for Tuomey Hospital as Two Execs Resign On September 26th, Tuomey Healthcare System’s CEO Jay Cox, and Vice President/COO Gregg Martin, resigned. The move is seen as possibly part of a deal to settle the False Claims and Stark Law charges against the health care organization. The two executives … [Read more...]

South Carolina Hospital Found Guilty of Violating False Claims Act

Hospital Collects Millions in Medicare Claims, Jury Says They Violated the False Claims Act A federal grand jury in Columbia, SC ruled on Wednesday, May 8th, that the Tuomey Healthcare System violated the Stark Law and the False Claims Act, collecting more than $39.3 million in fraudulent Medicare claims. The Sumter-based hospital has been on … [Read more...]

Medicare Fraud Could Lead to Hospital’s Closure

Medicare Fraud Penalties Could Lead Hospital to Close According to attorneys for the hospital, Tuomey Healthcare System could close its doors if it is forced to the full judgment in a Medicare fraud case. The attorneys say in court papers that closing the hospital would be "a public health disaster" for the area unless a stay is granted in the … [Read more...]

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