A license to weave: Do you need a professional license to braid hair?

In South Carolina you do have to have a professional license to become a hair braider, but it does not have to be cosmetology license. A  Utah Woman’s CaseA Utah case recently shed light on the issue on whether hair braiders must be required to possess a cosmetology license. Cosmetology license and hair braider rules and regulations vary from … [Read more...]

Three DUIs in 45 Hours?

Three DUIs in less than three days?A Utah man spent 24 days in jail for three DUIs that happened within 45 hours of each other.Daniel Kropf left jail after a judge reduced his bail to $30,000. Kropf was booked in the Cache County jail on an enhanced third-degree felony charge of driving under the influence. The judge denied bail for the 41 … [Read more...]

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