Veterans Administration Fights Release of TBI Information

Veterans Administration Fights TBI Accusations As Minnesota Congressman Calls for Release of Information In the wake of the revelation that unqualified nurses were diagnosing, and probably misdiagnosing and mistreating, traumatic brain injury victims at Veterans Administration Hospitals in Minnesota, one Congressman in the state has called for a … [Read more...]

Delays at Veterans’ Administration Hospitals Still Killing Patients

Delays at Veterans’ Administration Hospitals Across the Country Are Killing Patients On Thursday, April 24th, news broke that the Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona had a secret waiting list to hide delays in months-long delays in treatment and diagnoses, so that the hospital would appear as though it made strides in shortening … [Read more...]

VA Report Shows 22 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day

Report From Veterans’ Administration Shows 22 Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day A haunting statistic in a report from the Veterans’ Administration cannot be denied: 22 veterans commit suicide each day. That rate is a little higher than the rate in 1999 – on average, 20 veterans committed suicide each day in that year. The rate temporarily dropped … [Read more...]

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