Workers Comp Costs More for Less Benefits

Study Finds Workers Comp Costs Increasing While Benefits are Falling A new study by the National Academy of Social Insurance states that workers compensation is becoming more expensive for businesses while insurance companies are providing fewer benefits to injured workers and their families.  The study analyzed data from 2009 to 2013, and found a … [Read more...]

Hail Damage to Roof Leads to Workers Comp Claim

Roofing Company Failed to Pay for Workers Comp Claim, Lacked Workers Comp Insurance After hail damaged a woman’s rental property, she hired a roofing company to fix the damage. However, a worker was injured on the job, and filed a workers comp claim – when the roofing company did not have workers comp insurance. Norma Hoff owned a house she … [Read more...]

Floor Wax Allergy Leads to Workers Comp Benefits for Nurse

Nurse Will Get Workers Comp for Allergy to Floor Wax that Caused her to Leave Job At her previous job, a nurse developed asthma and other serious respiratory symptoms that required her to be hospitalized for treatment, and eventually leave her job. Although she is now in another nursing position, a Pennsylvania appellate court ruled that she … [Read more...]

SC Exotic Dancer Due Workers Comp Benefits

Exotic Dancer Deemed Employee, Entitled to SC Workers Comp Benefits For years, workers in a number of professions have been classified, paid, and treated as independent contractors. Although many workers have challenged the classification, until recently, courts have been reluctant to reclassify an independent contractor as an employee. The … [Read more...]

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