SC Reviews Alternative Workers’ Compensation Plans

South Carolina Considers Other Workers' Compensation Legislation A number of states including Oklahoma and Texas currently allow employers to elect an employer injury plan over state mandated insurance coverage. South Carolina recently considered similar workers’ compensation legislation through House Bill 4197, which was proposed this time last … [Read more...]

Federal Lawmakers Urge Examination of State Workers Comp

As States Limit Workers Comp Benefits, Congress Seeks Federal Oversight to Help Workers Based on information published jointly by Pro Publica and NPR, 10 Democrats in the House and Senate sent a letter to Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez, noting that federal oversight might be required to ensure that states offer appropriate workers' compensation to … [Read more...]

Fatal Injuries Statement Raises Questions About Workers Comp

BLS Releases Data on Fatal Work Injuries for 2014 The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their annual report covering work-related injuries and fatalities for the previous year. While the overall numbers have not changed since 2013, there are some updates based on a growing economy that raise questions about how well the workers comp system … [Read more...]

NC Man Gets Workers Comp for Laser Tag Injury

Team Building Laser Tag Game Leads to Workers Compensation in North Carolina A mandatory company conference included a game of laser tag for all employees, to help build team spirit; however, the game caused one of the workers to injure his knee, so he filed a workers compensation claim. Timothy W. Holliday, a 54-year-old former territory manager … [Read more...]

Uber Driver Files for Workers Comp Due to Slashed Face

Uber Driver Files for Workers Comp Application After Face Slashed by Passenger A San Francisco man who worked as a janitor and a Uber driver files for workers comp after a passenger he accepted slashed his face. The workers comp lawsuit was filed by Uber driver Abdo Ghazi in San Francisco superior court on April 28th, and seeks class action … [Read more...]

New Beds for Obese Patients Help Nurses Avoid Workplace Injury

Nurses Face More Workplace Injury Due to Larger Patients, New Medical Equipment Can Help A Kansas City-based company has designed a new hospital bed specifically for obese patients, which the company says could help patients avoid injury, and help nurses avoid workplace injury and workers comp claims. Sizewise Worldwide is taking on the growing … [Read more...]

Major Companies Attempt to Eliminate Workers Comp Coverage

Major Retailers like Walmart, Norstrom Advocate To Privatize Workers Comp Coverage Workers compensation was set up as a form of insurance, managed by the state, that businesses pay into to help workers when they are injured on the job. Workers comp is especially important for employees of dangerous jobs like nursing and construction … [Read more...]

Floor Wax Allergy Leads to Workers Comp Benefits for Nurse

Nurse Will Get Workers Comp for Allergy to Floor Wax that Caused her to Leave Job At her previous job, a nurse developed asthma and other serious respiratory symptoms that required her to be hospitalized for treatment, and eventually leave her job. Although she is now in another nursing position, a Pennsylvania appellate court ruled that she … [Read more...]

SC Exotic Dancer Due Workers Comp Benefits

Exotic Dancer Deemed Employee, Entitled to SC Workers Comp Benefits For years, workers in a number of professions have been classified, paid, and treated as independent contractors. Although many workers have challenged the classification, until recently, courts have been reluctant to reclassify an independent contractor as an employee. The … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Employees Allege Labor Violations

Numerous Labor Violations at McDonald’s Franchises Put Employees at Risk A group fighting for a $15 minimum wage, especially for notoriously low-paid McDonald’s employees, said on Monday, March 16th that it will file a series of health and safety complaints because of numerous labor violations that have put McDonald’s workers at risk of serious … [Read more...]

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