Fatal Injuries Statement Raises Questions About Workers Comp

BLS Releases Data on Fatal Work Injuries for 2014 The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their annual report covering work-related injuries and fatalities for the previous year. While the overall numbers have not changed since 2013, there are some updates based on a growing economy that raise questions about how well the workers comp system … [Read more...]

Uber Driver Files for Workers Comp Due to Slashed Face

Uber Driver Files for Workers Comp Application After Face Slashed by Passenger A San Francisco man who worked as a janitor and a Uber driver files for workers comp after a passenger he accepted slashed his face. The workers comp lawsuit was filed by Uber driver Abdo Ghazi in San Francisco superior court on April 28th, and seeks class action … [Read more...]

South Carolina Man Dies in Workplace Accident

Anderson County Man Dies After Workplace Accident Causes Him to Fall Into Machine A worker has died after a workplace accident caused him to fall into a metal stamping machine at an Anderson County plant. The man – 62-year-old Kendall Collier – was working on the machine at 9 AM on Tuesday, January 22nd, at Stanco Metal Products, a factory in … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Employees Allege Labor Violations

Numerous Labor Violations at McDonald’s Franchises Put Employees at Risk A group fighting for a $15 minimum wage, especially for notoriously low-paid McDonald’s employees, said on Monday, March 16th that it will file a series of health and safety complaints because of numerous labor violations that have put McDonald’s workers at risk of serious … [Read more...]

NC Man Gets Workers Comp for Laser Tag Injury

Team Building Laser Tag Game Leads to Workers Compensation in North Carolina A mandatory company conference included a game of laser tag for all employees, to help build team spirit; however, the game caused one of the workers to injure his knee, so he filed a workers compensation claim. Timothy W. Holliday, a 54-year-old former territory manager … [Read more...]

SC Reviews Alternative Workers’ Compensation Plans

South Carolina Considers Other Workers' Compensation Legislation A number of states including Oklahoma and Texas currently allow employers to elect an employer injury plan over state mandated insurance coverage. South Carolina recently considered similar workers’ compensation legislation through House Bill 4197, which was proposed this time last … [Read more...]

W.Va Mine Fatality Raises Concerns on Worker Safety, Workers Comp Death Benefits

West Virginia Mine Cited Before Fatal Mine Accident, Workers Comp Death Benefits in Question On Sunday, March 8th, a mine in West Virginia suffered a fatal accident that killed one worker and injured two others. Workers compensation questions arise, but worker safety is also seriously in question, as investigations reveal that the mine was cited … [Read more...]

SC Struggles with Construction Accidents and Work Site Safety

State Senator Calls for More Awareness in SC of Construction Accidents and Work Site Safety Another construction accident occurred earlier this week involving a construction worker with the South Carolina Department of Transportation died in a fatal accident at a work site. This gives rise to a claim for South Carolina Workers Compensation Death … [Read more...]

Dog Days of Summer of See an Increase in Worker’s Comp Claims

The dog days of summer are upon us, which means outdoor workers need to take extra precautions to avoid injury or illness. Worker's comp claims skyrocket in the summer, so take precautions! While many of us sit in our offices enjoying the air conditioning, others are outside slaving away in the hot sun. Every year thousands of workers file … [Read more...]

Workers’ Compensation for Two City of Sumter Employees?

Two City of Sumter employees may want to seek workers’ compensation after being pinned against a retaining wall causing the employees to suffer serious injuries. The Incident According to WIS, the incident occurred around 8:30 a.m. Thursday, September 6. The men were working at the city’s wastewater treatment facility off Highway 521. The vacuum … [Read more...]

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