Two Truck Drivers Paid Over $300,000 in Wrongful Termination Suit

Two Truck Drivers Awarded $302,000 in Wrongful Termination Suit Against Employer After two truck drivers were fired for being whistleblowers against their employer’s unsafe company practices, a judge has ordered that they receive $302,000 each after they filed a wrongful termination lawsuit. The now defunct Ohio-based carrier Star Air, and … [Read more...]

Pharmacist Files Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Against CVS

Veteran Pharmacist Alleges Wrongful Termination, Abuse of ADA, Against CVS A long-time pharmacist working at CVS Caremark in Harrisburg, one of the chain’s busiest locations, filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company in federal court. He alleges that the company discriminated against him, and when they laid him off, they also … [Read more...]

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