Peter Jackson’s Documentary on West Memphis Three Aims to Expunge Records

A famous filmmaker is using his tools to help expunge the criminal records of three exonerated men. The West Memphis Three were released on a plea deal last year, on August 19th. They are celebrating just over a year of freedom after serving two decades in jail, fearing lifetime jail sentences or, in the case of Damien Echols, a death sentence. … [Read more...]

Wrongfully Convicted Long Island Man Finally Walks Free

After his wrongful imprisonment in 1995, John Grega finally walks free, thanks to a 2008 Vermont law allowing the admission of new DNA evidence. Grega was found guilty of aggravated murder. He was accused and convicted for his 31-year-old wife’s raping, sodomizing, beating, and strangling in 1994. On Tuesday, August 21st, a judge vacated his … [Read more...]

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