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Three SC High School Students Receive South Carolina Criminal Charges for “Joy Riding” in School Buses

Three students face south carolina criminal charges for stealing two school buses
Three students face south carolina criminal charges for stealing two school buses

Three SC Students Steal School Buses, Arrested for South Carolina Criminal Charges

High school students in Laurens, SC were arrested on Saturday after driving two school buses around a parking lot. The students were unlicensed, and at least one of them was 14-years-old.

As they are juveniles, the students’ names are not being released, nor is the security video footage of the incident.

The boys had access to the buses because the school gates were unlocked, and the buses were waiting to transport students to and from the Laurens Christmas Parade. The three students found the keys which the drivers supposedly hid in the buses. According to the school district’s policy, drivers must return keys after each shift so they can be locked up. Transportation Director Geoffrey Stephens said the two bus drivers obviously failed to follow policy, and will be disciplined.

The group of boys took one of the buses and drove it around for about an hour. When they returned that bus, they scratched up the second bus as they were trying to park. Then, they took the second bus out for another hour. Both “joyrides” were caught on camera.

Each of the three students was arrested and charged with theft of a motor vehicle. However, their South Carolina criminal charges will be as juveniles, as they are first-time offenders.

Some of the students in the group were involved in other student organizations. The district will also take disciplinary action against the boys, but officials have not specified what those actions will be. The district is also grateful that no one was injured.

South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorneys

The Strom Law Firm can help with South Carolina criminal charges
The Strom Law Firm can help with South Carolina criminal charges

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