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Top ten concerns with Chinese Drywall in the South East and Beyond

  1. Chinese Drywall has been located in 33 states.

  2. Charleston was the third largest port in the United States to
    receive what is now believed to be defective Chinese
    Drywall, bringing in almost 18.7 million pounds of defective
    Chinese drywall.

  3. Chinese Drywall can be found in any type of home whether
    a “cookie cutter” or “tract housing” type of neighborhood
    where all of the homes are based upon designated floor
    plans, as well as custom high end homes.

  4. Despite what you may think, there is nothing that you can
    do such as cleaning, disinfecting, etc., to get rid of the odor
    and/or to “fix” the problem of Chinese drywall in your home.

  5. If you have defective Chinese drywall in your home, you will
    likely need to new drywall, carpet, your home rewired, new
    appliances, and some engineers are concerned about the
    structural integrity of your home even after the drywall is

  6. It is now alleged that Chinese drywall can cause health
    concerns, including nosebleeds, closing of growth plates in
    children, headaches, and damage your nose and nasal
    passages. Some experts are even concerned about

  7. Moisture and humidity can release of emissions from the
    drywall, and with our heat and humidity, many homeowners
    are just now discovering the problem.

  8. If you believe that your home may have defective Chinese
    drywall, you need to contact the Consumer Product Safety
    , as well as an experienced Chinese drywall

  9. There are many tests that you can take inside of your home
    to determine whether your home contains Chinese drywall
    such as air monitoring, checking behind your electrical
    faceplates, and taking samples of drywall from your home.

  10. Many homes may contain a mixture of Chinese drywall as
    well as standard drywall, so it is critical that you take
    multiple samples in a number of different places when you
    test for Chinese drywall in your home.

If you have experienced or noticed any of the following indicators that you may have Chinese drywall, contact an experienced Chinese Drywall attorney today.

• Upper respiratory problems including nosebleeds, a rash,
headaches, or insomnia.

• You have only lived in your home a short time, but you have
had to replace one or more air conditioner coils.

• You have only lived in your home a short time, but you have
had problems with your appliances, including computers or
televisions, shorting out.

• Your silver jewelry, picture frames, etc. have tarnished
faster than normal.

• You feel better when you are not at home.

• You notice a rotten egg or acid type smell in your home
and/or neighbors or guests report smelling a rotten egg or
acid type smell in your home.

• The copper wires behind your electrical face plates have
tarnished or turned black.

• The external copper line connected to your air conditioner
on the exterior or outside of your home has charred or
turned black.

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